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“Biogas Route”: 100 plants to produce 65% of the gas consumed in Valencian homes


The Consell has requested 300 million Next Generation EU funds, which will be added to the 150 that the Generalitat will provide and another 50 from the private sectorThis new industrial sector will generate 6,000 green jobsIt will reduce purchases of natural gas from third countries by an amount greater than 300 million euros The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition has presented the Valencian Biogas Route with the aim of creating a new industrial sector that will generate 6,000 green jobs. In addition, it will allow progress in the fight against climate change, the circular economy and energy sovereignty in a situation marked by historical highs in the price of energy. The Minister of Ecological Transition, Mireia Mollà, has highlighted the need to accelerate the creation of this new industrial sector, which has clear environmental and economic benefits, in a context such as the current energy war caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We have the opportunity, the potential and the political will to accelerate the production of biogas to become in a strategic territory, multiplying by ten the current production and substituting renewable gas for the energy consumption of 65% of households or that of 4 times the Valencian textile industry”, Mollà stressed. The head of Ecological Transition has assessed the environmental impact positive aspect of the proposal, while recognizing the need to address an energy transition that cuts the bill in a situation of soaring prices: “Not only do we aspire to reduce the receipt, but we can already quantify a direct saving of 34 million euros in emission rights, from which biogas is exempt.” Next Generation EU Funds To implement the Valencian Biogas Route, the department headed by Mireia Mollà has requested 300 million euros of Next Generation EU funds, which will be added to the 150 that the Generalitat will provide and another 50 from the private sector. In total, it is intended to generate an investment total of 500 million euros that will allow the construction of a hundred production plants, between public and private, and maximize the possibilities of a mature technology but little used at the state level. The Valencian Biogas Route has the endorsement of the studies carried out on the potential of recovering waste from sewage treatment plants, manure from the livestock sector, herbaceous remains, waste from the agro-food industry mentary and organic waste available on the Ministry’s website.



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