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San Chin Choon offers the judge to testify in October from the Spanish embassy in Malaysia


The businessman was the supplier of the sanitary material that the businessmen Medina and Luceño sold to the Madrid City Council The Madrid City Council paid 11 million for the sanitary material The manufacturer explains that he has already answered the questions of the rogatory commission, which has not been sent to SpainSan Chin Choon , the Malaysian businessman who supplied the sanitary material that the Madrid City Council bought from the businessmen Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, has transferred to Judge Adolfo Carretero his impossibility to travel to Spain to appear for work reasons and has offered to testify in October through a videoconference from the Spanish embassy in Kuala Lumpur. In a letter sent to the court, the supplier answers the magistrate’s summons to provide dates on which he could appear in person in the criminal procedure that investigates an alleged fraud against the Madrid City Council in the purchase of masks. San Chin Choon is the person who supplied sanitary material to the investigated Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño for sale to the City Hall. The Madrid City Council paid almost 11 million euros, of which six million ended up in the hands of the commission agents. Those investigated declared that they were exclusive agents of the San Chin Choon company. Last July, Judge Adolfo Carretero opposed Alberto Luceño’s request to reactivate the rogatory commission to Malaysia to interrogate the Malaysian supplier because this country flagellates their prisoners, which is “an insurmountable obstacle to any judicial cooperation”. In the brief, San Chin Choon now informs the judge that when the authorities of his country called him, he answered the questions of the rogatory commission sent from Spain. “I don’t understand why the Government of Malaysia did not send my responses to Spain,” he said. The businessman tells the judge that he cannot travel to Spain for business reasons, but he offers to appear in Chinese on October 21 or 28 at ten in the morning via videoconference from the Spanish embassy in Kuala Lumpur. He states that he understands that the embassy may have technical means to be able to hold a videoconference and connect to a Spanish court, which “surely also has a videoconference system.”



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