NewsWorldUkraine, US intelligence: "Russia military divided before Kiev advances"

Ukraine, US intelligence: “Russia military divided before Kiev advances”


Russia’s military leaders are divided on how to counter the unexpected Ukrainian advance on the fields in the final weeks of the war. This is what US intelligence sources reveal who underline how Moscow found itself defending its positions both in the east and in the south. According to these sources, Vladimir Putin himself is giving orders and directions directly to generals in the field, an extremely unusual tactic in modern armies which, the sources note, confirms the dysfunctions of the command structure that have been creating problems for the Russians since the beginning of the year. conflict. Not only. American intelligence allegedly intercepted quarrels between Russian officers and conversations with friends and relatives at home in which they complained about Moscow’s decisions, sources still report to CNN. In particular, there would be disagreements in determining where to concentrate forces to defend positions in the face of the Ukrainian advance. The defense ministry said it is repositioning forces to Kharkiv in the north-east, where the Ukrainians have achieved the greatest success, but US and Western intelligence record that the bulk of the Russian forces still remain in the south, where Ukraine is mounting offensive operations. around Kherson. So far, Russia has responded to the Ukrainian advance by launching attacks on infrastructure, such as dams and power plants, attacks that the Americans see as “revenge” rather than operationally significant moves.



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