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VIDEO: Magnificent premiere of Slovak film PIARGY: Charming Judit Bárdos, Jana Kvantiková and Barbora Brušková –


The film PIARGY, starring Judit Bárdos, Attila Mokos and Daniel Fischer, co-produced by RTVS based on František Švantner’s novella, is coming to cinemas. Its creators, actors, personalities of Slovak culture and even Švantner’s descendants did not miss the ceremonial premiere on Tuesday evening. Magnificent premiere of the Slovak film PIARGY: Charming Judit Bárdos, Jana Kvantiková and Barbora Brušková The film by producer Silvia Panáková and director Ivo Trajkov was eight years in the making and was waiting to be released in cinemas for two more years. Actress Jana Oľhová also saw him for the first time. “I was very moved and surprised because when filming we do everything piece by piece and we cannot imagine it as a whole. It’s a beautifully made film, a gem, I wish as many people as possible could see it…” reveals the character of the village scientist Ule. This evening was even more emotional for the popular actress. “I was moved, of course, also because I see my brother in him and I am happy that we are in the same cinema together,” she says of actor Marián Geišberg, for whom it was the last film. Read more: PIARGY’s new film with Judit Bárdos: It openly shows where Slovaks are willing to go in their desire for love and property VIDEO: PIARGY’s new film starring Judit Bárdos The renowned director had two reasons for filming Švantner’s novella. “The first one was content because I don’t think the world has changed that much since Piarg. Back then, people didn’t know what domestic violence was, but they used it. And today we live in a better society, but is the position of women so diametrically different? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. And that’s why it makes sense to talk about it, even though it’s a story from 1939. The second reason was formal. I wanted to pay homage to the good old movies. To make a film nostalgically, the kind that are no longer made today,” he explains.
For chief cameraman Petr Bencsík, Piargy is an insight into the life of an ordinary Slovak family, where everything is not as it seems at first glance: “In today’s era of social networks, we feel that everyone lives according to what they post. But that is not quite true. It needs to be filtered a bit. People often have completely different destinies than how they try to present themselves,” he says. Švantner’s descendants also came to see PIARGY in Bratislava’s Cinema City cinema in Aupark. “We admire the courage with which the creators and actors tackled him, because the grandfather’s works are not those that are easily filmed,” says the grandson of the famous writer Michal Švantner, and continues: “They are about people’s lives, mental processes, thoughts… And that is much more difficult to show in a film format than in a literary one, where the author talks about it directly,” he adds. In addition to them and the actors from the film Judit Bárdos, Jana Kvantiková, Lucie Siposová, Lucie Klein Svoboda, Jana Oľhová, Attila Mokos and Ivan Martinka, presenters Alena Heribanová, Hana Rapantová, Karin Majtánová, Barbara Jagušák, writer Tamara Šimončíková also attended the launch of the film PIARGY Heribanová with her husband, photographer Branislav Šimončík, actresses Kristína Tormová, Jana Hubinská, Petra Kolevská, Michaela Čobejová, Zuzana Vačková, top model Barbora Brušková and Richard Müller. “Amazing camera, music, acting,” the singer, a trained playwright and screenwriter, does not hide his enthusiasm. You might be interested: Don’t miss the trailer: The World Film Festival in Venice will present the new Slovak film Obeť The celebratory evening was accompanied by the face of RTVS Iveta Malachovská, the title track of PIARGA was sung live by its author Veronika Rabada. The film PIARGY is brought to cinemas by the distribution company CINEMART today, September 22. Producer Silvia Panáková, screenwriter Jana Skořepová and actress Judit Bárdos Judit Bárdos and cameraman Peter Bencsík Michal Švantner and Ján Švantner, grandsons of František Švantner



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