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The Government calls it a “scandal” that Lesmes is going to resign due to the PP’s resistance to renewing the CGPJ


The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, has stated that it would be “a scandal” if the president of the Supreme Court and the CGPJ (General Council of the Judiciary), Carlos Lesmes, had to resign because the PP and PSOE had not agreed to renew the CGPJ. “It would seem like a scandal to me that the president of the Supreme Court had to resign because the CGPJ has not been renewed,” Llop said in an interview on the Cuatro program “En Boca de Todos.” Llop points directly to the PP of the “blockade” and accuses them of “not complying with the Spanish Constitution.” The renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary has been blocked for four years. The two major parties do not agree on the candidates. The Minister of Justice has assured that the problem belongs to the Popular Party, since the socialist group can put “on the table, tomorrow” the name of almost “50 candidates for members”, she has affirmed. “Now the only thing missing is for the PP to put them in,” he added. 10-day deadline Carlos Lesmes has given two ultimatums, the first during the opening of the Judicial Year, on September 5, where he threatened to leave office if there was no agreement. The last one was this Wednesday, Lesmes is considering convening an extraordinary plenary session of the CGPJ on October 3 to renew the Constitutional Court, there is another convened for September 29. The fact that an extraordinary plenary session is convened does not imply that the two parties of the CGPJ, the conservative and the progressive, can reach an agreement. The key continues to be achieving sufficient consensus between the two souls of the CGPJ –progressive and conservative– to add the 12 votes that are needed out of the 19 at stake. One of the concerns of the conservative current is the situation of collapse in which the TS would remain if the two magistrates elected to the Constitutional leave the Supreme while the CGPJ continues to be unable to fill the vacancies generated in the judicial leadership. Several rooms of the TS are already in a limit situation due to the legal reform promoted by the Government that since March 2021 prohibits an acting CGPJ -like the current one- from making discretionary appointments in the high courts.



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