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Shakira broke the silence: Bitter confession about infidelity! –


The pair met during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where Shakira sang the official anthem Waka Waka for the tournament, and Piqué helped his country to its first-ever World Cup title. Photo gallery (11) Source: Instagram GP However, their relationship was accompanied by several problems. Perhaps the biggest was the multiple infidelity of the Barcelona footballer. However, after the last one, the singer could not forgive him and so this prominent couple went their separate ways. While Piqué has already found happiness with the 23-year-old student, Shakira is still trying to process their breakup. She spoke to Elle magazine about the whole situation for the first time since the public became aware of their end. “It’s still very difficult to talk about it. Mainly because it’s the first time I talk about this situation in an interview. I remained silent and tried to process it all. I’m still going through it all. Since I am a public figure, our divorce is not a classic ending. So it’s difficult, not only for me, but also for my children,” she said in an interview. The singer was asked when she found out that her long-term relationship had finally ended. However, she did not reveal the details of her partner’s new relationship. “I think these the details are too private, at least at this point. Everything is still too fresh. All I can say is that I gave everything to our relationship and family. One of us had to sacrifice. And I did. I put my career on hold track and I came to Spain to support him. So he could play football and win titles. That was my sacrifice. Sometimes I feel like it’s all just a bad dream and at one point I have to wake up. But it’s reality,” she concluded Shakria. Shakira broke the silence: Bitter confession about infidelity!



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