NewsWorldRussia, Moscow's nuclear weapons: arsenal of 5,977 warheads

Russia, Moscow’s nuclear weapons: arsenal of 5,977 warheads


With 5,977 warheads, Russia would have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. This is certified by a report by the Federation of American Scientists (Fas), while fears about a possible use of atomic weapons rise after the words of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who said he was willing to use “all means available to protect “his country, making it clear not to bluff. According to the Fas, about 1,500 Russian warheads are in the process of being dismantled because they are old, while the actual warheads are actually 4,447, of which 1,588 are deployed on ballistic missiles and in bomber bases. According to the report, Russia also has “approximately 977 additional strategic warheads and another 1,912 non-strategic warheads” held in reserve. Experts, however, argue that it is not possible to establish the exact number of warheads and weapons due to the secrecy surrounding the matter.Incontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) held by Russia have the ability to reach and destroy major cities in the world. like London or Washington. Such missiles can reach the UK in just 20 minutes once launched from Russia.



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