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VIDEO: The building of the army recruitment office was set on fire and chaotic levies in Russia. This is what the situation looks like after the declaration of mobilization – REFRESHER


After the partial mobilization was announced, protesting people took to the streets already in the evening, security forces detained more than 1,300 of them throughout Russia. Share Save Saved Share Share the article You must be logged in to save the article. Failed to save changes. Try to log in again and repeat the action. If the problems persist, please contact the administrator. An error occurred. If the problems persist, please contact the administrator. Source: Reprofoto/Twitter-NEXTA The Army Recruiting Office and the municipal building, two different locations in Russia, came under attack on Thursday night during protests against the mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin. Citing local news sources, the newspaper reported that in Nizhny Novgorod, a city located 440 kilometers east of the Russian capital Moscow, a Molotov cocktail attack caused a small fire at a local recruitment building. A somewhat larger fire broke out in the building of the local government in the city of Togliatti, a thousand kilometers east of Moscow. The city reported on its website, referring to representatives of the emergency services, that the entrance to the municipality building burned down during the attack with a Molotov cocktail. At night in the Lomonosov district near #SaintPetersburg, a military recruitment center was set on fire. — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) September 22, 2022 The Moscow Times newspaper wrote that it was not known whether anyone had been arrested or injured following the apparent attacks. The Guardian website added that the British newspaper could not directly verify these claims.
Partial mobilization in Russia was announced on Wednesday morning in a televised address to the nation by President Putin, who is waging a war in Ukraine and has been experiencing setbacks there in recent weeks. He refers to the war as a “special military operation”. After his announcement of partial mobilization, protesting people took to the streets already in the evening, security forces detained more than 1,300 of them throughout Russia. #Mobilization in #Yakutia. — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) September 22, 2022 In the meantime, the NEXTA portal published videos of the Russian mobilization on its Twitter account. They show how packed men are leaving for the places where they have to report. While the situation is chaotic in one of the shots, the second video seems calm. Sad mobilized men walk to the bus to a dull tune in #Blagoveshchensk. — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) September 22, 2022 Report an error. If you found a shortcoming in the article or have comments, let us know. Preview image: Reprofoto/Twitter-NEXTA



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