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DETAILS of Charles III’s coronation: On this special day and… With this, the king wins everyone’s sympathy! –


The new king is currently in Scotland, where he moved to escape the attention he received after the death of Elizabeth II. directs. There are also various speculations about his future. One of the most discussed topics is the date of his coronation. Photo gallery (11) Source: SITA The summer of next year is most often mentioned so far. He would thus wait significantly shorter than his mother for the coronation. She was crowned 16 months after the death of her father George VI. The ceremony took place on June 2, 1953. Photo gallery (11) Source: SITA/AP According to the latest information brought by several British media, including Sky News, it is the wish of Charles III. to be crowned on the very same day as his mother, that is, June 2. As the royal family is still mourning, no official statements will be made yet. Although the new king appears to have chosen the same date as the late queen, the event itself is set to take place quite differently. Sources close to the family unanimously declare that Karol III. wants to properly reduce expenses and thus save on costs paid by residents. Photo gallery (11) Source: SITA/Henry Nicholls/Pool Photo via AP The new monarch is said to be well aware of the difficult situation that currently reigns in the world and has also affected Britain. Therefore, he wants the celebrations of his coronation to be significantly shorter and, above all, cheaper than it was in the past. This ceremony in front of Queen Elizabeth cost the country almost 1.8 million euros, which is the equivalent of 52 million euros today. DETAILS of Charles III’s coronation: On this special day and… With this, the king wins everyone’s sympathy!



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