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The Government carries out the health equity law with its partners and the abstention of the PP


Minister Carolina Darias acknowledges that it is an “ideological law” because it expands and consolidates rights and reinforces public health After several negotiations, Health has committed with Podemos to put limits on privatization and with the Catalan independentistas to respect the powers of Vox and Ciudadanos, which had presented amendments to the whole, they denounce that it ends public-private collaboration and will increase waiting lists The health equity law has passed its first test in the Congress of Deputies and begins its parliamentary process. The amendments to the totality presented by Vox and Ciudadanos with the votes of the Government and its parliamentary partners have been rejected. The PP has finally opted for abstention. There have been 191 votes against the vetoes, 64 in favor and 88 abstentions. 191″An ideological law”, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has boasted from the rostrum of Congress because it expands and consolidates rights for citizens, reinforces public health by prioritizing the model of direct management of health services and eliminates co-payments . The norm, which was already approved by the Council of Ministers in June without the consensus of Podemos, was threatened at the beginning of the week because the purple partner of the Executive warned that his vote this Thursday was not guaranteed if limits were not placed on the privatization. The PDeCAT and Junts also had registered an amendment to the totality for invasion of competences. The Catalans complained that the text liquidated the Catalan health model where concerts prevail. Negotiations with various gangs Throughout the week the socialist group and the Ministry have been negotiating with various gangs to save the stumbling block of the whole. One day before the vote, Podemos reached an agreement by which Health undertook to set some limit on privatization throughout the process that now begins in the Chamber. The Catalans also withdrew their amendments after agreeing with the Government that the new rule will not affect their health system. The PDeCAT spokesman, Ferran Bel, acknowledged that his party had to make an effort of “pedagogy” with Podemos to explain to them that health concerts do not always imply privatizations. There is the great discrepancy of Podemos. The purples consider that Darias’ text does not repeal Law 15/1997 approved by the Government of José María Aznar and that opened the door to “massive privatization” and the outsourcing of health services. The new law ensures that services can only be outsourced in exceptional cases and for Podemos, in practice, this will allow any autonomous community to continue privatizing as before. To avoid this, they have proposed including “real and not rhetorical limits” in the definition of exceptionality. Vox and Ciudadanos have defended their amendments to the entirety based on denouncing that the Government project attacks public-private collaboration. They have warned that the waiting lists are going to multiply after its entry into force.



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