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Big parliamentary scandal: The vote on Article 363 was unexpectedly postponed, MPs are furious, the amendment would supposedly pass –


VIDEO Juraj Šelig’s reaction to the postponement of the vote: Kollár claims that there was an obstruction. He argued the obstruction in the hall. During the previous vote on the inclusion of new items in the agenda of the meeting, the plenum did not have a quorum, neither the opposition nor We are a family was presented. Photo gallery (3) Source: Topky – Vlado Anjel Several deputies objected to this procedure. Juraj Šeliga (unclassified) and head of the SaS club Anna Zemanová pointed out the agenda. According to them, the chairman should first check the quorum of the plenary after the obstruction and only then vote on changing the agenda. Zemanová does not agree to vote on her point until next week. The speaker of the parliament responded that the parliament was blocked by obstruction and could be blocked again at any time. SaS names the culprits, Valášek predicts the end of the remaining three coalition The opposition SaS also criticizes today’s progress of the coalition. They also name specific members of parliament who are said to be responsible for this state of affairs. Fico, Pellegrini, Mazurek, Beluský and Kollár no longer want to work for the people and blocked the parliament. Voting from today was moved to Tuesday. Today, the amendment to Section 363 would pass… Posted by Sloboda a Solidarita on Thursday, September 22, 2022 According to another member of parliament, Tomáš Valášek, the remaining three-way coalition is also headed for disintegration after today. MPs from the Za lyű party also reacted to today’s events in parliament. Member of Parliament Jana Žitňanská expressed her pleasure at least that there were no obstructions in the parliament during yesterday. She mentioned the approved laws regarding new mothers, the severely disabled, and the approval of other laws as well. Šipoš accused We are a family of blocking the meeting with the assistance of the opposition The We are a family movement wanted to block a meeting of the parliament with the opposition, says the head of the OĽaNO parliamentary club Michal Šipoš. He thinks that the reason was the SaS’s proposal to amend section 363 of the Criminal Code. OĽaNO wanted to support the proposal. Finally, it will be voted on next week. Photo gallery (3) Source: TASR/Jakub Kotian Deputies drew cards during the presentation of We are a family. According to the head of the We Are Family club, Petr Pčolinski, it was an agreement, he did not want to specify the reasons. SaS sees behind the obstruction We are a family and the opposition the change of section 363, with which they have long disagreed. According to the head of the SaS club, Anna Zemanová, they did not have the numbers to block the amendment. “We are a family that decided with the opposition to block the meeting. It is important for us to approve the laws that go through the shortened legislative procedure from the government in the matter of energy. This is key for us,” Šipoš told journalists. OĽaNO agreed to move the vote on the negotiated proposals to Tuesday (September 27) so that negotiations on the proposals from the government could begin on Thursday. “It was important for us that the laws were passed by the government, that’s the maximum we could do,” Šipoš added. He thinks that the blocking of the meeting, when neither the opposition nor We are a family was presented, was caused by a proposal to amend section 363 of the Criminal Code from the SaS workshop. OĽaNO wanted to vote for him, since a similar OĽaNO proposal did not pass on Wednesday. “We are a family, it didn’t happen to us, so we were determined to support it, we would also support some Saxon proposals today,” Šipoš explained. He declared that he supports those SaS proposals that OĽaNO considers correct. He does not vote for those that someone in the coalition vetoes. According to him, OĽaNO will not negotiate with Smer-SD, ĽSNS or deputies from the extra-parliamentary Hlas-SD, Republiky on the support of the proposal. Pčolinský did not specify why the members of We are a family did not present themselves. He did not confirm whether it was an agreement in connection with the amendment of section 363. The Sme family continues to refuse to change and limit this authority. “The National Council of the Slovak Republic did not have a quorum, so we agreed with the OĽaNO club that the votes, which were supposed to be at 11:00 a.m., will be moved to Tuesday and the meeting will continue,” he added. “What the chairman demonstrated is a really gross abuse of his position. In this way, he will move the vote in an unprecedented way without the consent of the proposers,” noted Zemanová. The plenum decided to move the vote to Tuesday at the suggestion of the speaker of the parliament, Boris Kollár (We are a family). He argued the obstruction in the hall. During the previous vote on the inclusion of new items in the agenda of the meeting, the plenum did not have a quorum, neither the opposition nor We are a family was presented.



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