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REPORTAGE. “It’s a nightmare come true”: to escape partial mobilization in Ukraine, Russians take refuge in Turkey – franceinfo


While Vladimir Putin decreed, Wednesday, September 21, the partial mobilization to face the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army, Russians are fleeing the country so as not to be sent to the front. Some 300,000 men will be requisitioned to wage war in Ukraine. Turkey is, with Armenia, one of the few countries where Russians can still take refuge. Air links still exist with Moscow and no visa is required. >> War in Ukraine: follow our live the day after the partial mobilization decreed by Vladimir Putin Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, nearly 400,000 Russians have passed through Turkey – whether political refugees, activists, artists or intellectuals. Many have now moved further afield to Europe, to the United States or returned to Russia. With the partial mobilization, the Russian community in Istanbul expects new arrivals. In a shopping alley in the historic district of Fatih, on the Asian side, a small discreet building welcomes Russians fleeing the war free of charge. “It’s a nightmare come true, and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s like the return of the Soviet Union,” Vitaly laments. This 24-year-old Russian fled his country after Vladimir Putin’s announcements. This partial mobilization, he thinks it is “an admission of failure”. Elmar, he arrived Tuesday evening, without suspecting what the Kremlin was preparing. “My friends and comrades write to me now that I managed to escape just in time, he explains. But, on the other hand, I worry, I worry for them, for what what will happen to them.” The planes are stormed, notes Eva Rapaport. Since the spring, this Russian anthropologist has been guiding her fellow citizens in exile. ”It reminds me of what happened in early March, people were afraid of martial law and forced mobilization, she says. They were already paying a fortune to flee.” “Again, there are no more tickets [d’avion]. And they are three to five times more expensive than usual. But all those who can try to escape.” Eva Rapaport, Russian anthropologist at franceinfo Now, the big question that torments the Russian community in Istanbul is how long the borders will remain open. Russians take refuge in Istanbul to flee the partial mobilization: report by Marie-Pierre Vérot listen



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