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today 13:15 | Dear ladies and especially dear gentlemen, thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We start with European football. That is, its superstructure, without which we have no chance to build something of international interest. The circumstances were unfavorable. More precisely, our football leadership made them so. New constructors of the new design Expected starting line-up of Slovakia in the match with Azerbaijan according to Sport: Slovakia: Dúbravka – Rusnák, Škriniar, Gyömbér, Hancko – Kucka, Lobotka, Bénes – Haraslín, Zreľák, Ďuriš The Slovak football team will start at Trnava City Arena at 20:45 national team for the League of Nations match against Azerbaijan. With a new coach, Francesco Calzona, but without a serious chance for advancement. We are behind the first Kazakhstan by four points, mainly because we lost both matches against each other. Mathematically, we would now need to get six points to win the group, while the Kazakhs would only get one. However, the results are not the most important at this moment, although they are always important. The priority is to build a system. Slowly, gradually, patiently. Organization of the game. Alpha and Omega. We must definitely improve it. Therefore, a predominantly Italian implementation team led by Francesco Calzono was called into action. It will be his national team debut. At the same time, he will make his professional football debut as a head coach. Until now, he worked as an assistant, but he assisted excellent professionals. In Naples, Luciano Spalletti and before Maurizio Sarri. SSC finished third three times and second once in that period. Meanwhile, he tried working with Eusebio Di Francesco in Cagliari. His long-term specialization was the tactical preparation of the team. During it, he led training sessions and took a significant part in creating the game design. That is exactly what the Slovak national team must change. It was already too late yesterday, because we did not copy modern trends and went against them. The room for progress is huge. It won’t be easy to start it, it won’t be possible with a snap of the fingers. Only by work. Well organized, with a focus on detail. An active way of playing is essential. Both defending and attacking. It was common to all the teams in which Francesco Calzona worked. It can therefore be easily deduced that he will instill something similar in the Slovak national team. He will not go down the path of naive romanticism, which was tried by coach Pavel Hapal. He will not have the moody extremes that his predecessor Štefan Tarkovič succumbed to. First, the outdated deep block and chance play, then the proclaimed offense and still chance play. We want strategy from a native of the Italian town of Vibo. First, the basic plan and with it other backups. The Italians are good at this and we will be good too. The defensive skeleton of the team is solid, so we meet the first prerequisite for building a competitive team. Martin Dúbravka will probably get priority in goal. He is older, more experienced and has caught more in the jersey with the national emblem. In Manchester United, he is currently doing only two, but the same applies to Marek Rodák in Fulham. Francesco Calzona declared at his first press conference that he intends to play four defenders from the start. Milan Škriniar in the center is clear, Ľubomír Šatka is not playing in Lech Poznan. Norbert Gyömbér will probably get the opportunity, although Dávid Hancko would be most suitable for the position of left stopper. However, he will traditionally move to the left, because we simply don’t have another complex left-back at the moment. Norbert Gyömbér is favored in the starting lineup by the fact that he has been working in Italy for a very long time, so he can easily understand the coach’s ideas. Martin Valjent is also a strong candidate. A regular for RCD Mallorca in Spain’s La Liga, he also has an Italian background that breaks down the language barrier and greatly reduces the tactical handicap. The right side is open. Veteran Peter Pekarík will celebrate his 36th birthday in a month. Time will only play against him, although attitude and absolute professionalism are on his side. Our tip is Matúš Rusnák, possibly Kristián Vallo. The first-named can develop extreme speed on the field, has improved in fights, willingly supports the attack. Typologically, taking into account the Italian model, it probably fits this post the best. Despite the obvious tactical loopholes. He is 23 years old, one year younger than Kristián Vallo. The legionnaire from Wisla Plock, on the other hand, is athletically fit, better with the ball, but a bit slower and a weaker defender. Another “worker” David Hrnčár also has a chance, but so far only a theoretical one. The past suggests that Francesco Calzona initially builds on a 4-3-3 formation, or its modification 4-1-4-1. The Italians place particular emphasis on compactness. In principle, they don’t care where, the important thing is to be close to each other. The common denominator of defending is called pressing. In practice, it is about creating pressure on the player with the ball. The defensive shield will be Stanislav Lobotka. Next to him, or in front of him, Juraj Kucka with László Bénes. There should also be experienced players in the team, therefore a Slovan player with a significant Italian past. Someone has to play with Stanislav Lobotko, or divert attention from him with their own creative abilities. The tactically skilled László Bénes, with his excellent left-hander, looks like a viable alternative. At the top is Adam Zreľák, because he is strong, fast and already mature. Besides, finally healthy. The wings will play an important role. They are required to work closely with defenders and midfielders. Lukáš Haraslín, grafted on by his work in Sassoula, should know what Francesco Calzona requires and wants. Dávid Ďuriš could again become a joker in the starting line-up. He is technically proficient, hardworking, productive in the role of finisher and assistant. An inconspicuous but valuable football player. Sport’s line-up is only a rough estimate of the one that Francesco Calzona will send to fight against Azerbaijan tonight. The key is not with whom, but how the Slovak national team will play. More precisely, what principles will be determined by its new implementation team and whether the football players who receive their trust can fulfill the coaches’ ideas. Francesco Calzona himself declared that he wanted to win from the start. Well, he clearly defined the primary goal. Hopefully he and his subordinates would be able to fulfill it in order to win the team and the public’s sympathy. Then the process of building a new Slovak design will be easier for him.



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