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Urkullu announces a new personal income tax deflation for 2023


The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, during his speech at the General Policy Plenary Europa Press , will be endowed with 400 million eurosAmong the measures, a 10% increase in Social Emergency Aid to energy-intensive companies is also contemplatedThe Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has announced a new deflation of personal income tax that would come into force on January 1 of 2023 to mitigate the expected underlying inflation, a measure that is part of a program called ‘Hitzartuz’, endowed with 400 million, which also includes a 10% increase in Social Emergency Aid (AES), a line of credit special for energy-intensive companies, SMEs and the self-employed, as well as aid for the food sector to mitigate the impact of inflation and other energy efficiency measures .Iñigo Urkullu has detailed this new package of measures within the framework of the General Policy Plenary that is being held this Thursday in the Basque Parliament, in which he has also detailed 40 specific measures that will be launched this political year and that respond to the Euskadi’s “common” strategy for Sustainable Human Development. Urkullu stressed that in the monographic plenary session held on April 8 on the war in Ukraine, the need to “provide a response that would mitigate the pernicious effects of the rise in of prices and the cost of energy in Basque families and companies”. 400 million eurosHe recalled that in April a first response was given with a program of measures valued at 200 million and he has advanced a new package of measures. Specifically, it proposes, in collaboration with the rest of the Basque institutions, the implementation of the ‘Hitzartuz’ programme, which will have an impact of 400 million, to be financed with its own budgetary resources, extraordinary funds from the “surcharge” for energy companies and financial and European funds. Its objective is to strengthen support for groups with greater difficulties in paying their energy bills and covering their basic needs; compensate for the loss of purchasing power for families and citizens as a whole; and support the business fabric, facilitating access to credit for viable companies that are going through a difficult situation. The program includes eight measures such as a new deflation of personal income tax that would come into force on January 1, 2023, an increase of % in Social Emergency Aid, reduce the cost of supplies in the social housing stock, for communities with centralized facilities and increase the income limit for access to social housing. Aid for the food sector is also contemplated to mitigate the impact of inflation on citizens and aid for energy efficiency.



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