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“It’s not really for me”: the son of Putin’s spokesman trapped by a fake army recruiter – BFMTV


A team of Russian dissidents close to the Kremlin opponent, Alexei Navalny, trapped Nikolai Peskov, son of Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the regime. During a live broadcast on a YouTube channel, the host pretended to be an officer summoning his interlocutor for his mobilization for the Ukrainian front. But Nikolai Peskov immediately declined, promising to play his relations. It is an understatement to say that the “partial mobilization” decreed by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to reinforce his troops on the Ukrainian front does not unleash the enthusiasm of its population. Everything is good to dodge this decision which must send 300,000 reservists to war. enrollment. Such is the case of Nikolai Peskov, the son of Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, trapped on Wednesday red-handed by the perpetrators of a hoax.”You should understand who I am”The operation was revealed by the independent Russian media The Insider, and it was edited by Dmitry Nizovtsev for his YouTube channel PopularPolitics, close to regime opponent Alexei Navalny. The host thus called Nikolai Peskov live. Passing himself off as an officer, Major Anton Matrynov, and assuring his interlocutor that he had summoned him with a view to his enlistment, he launched: “Firstly, why didn’t you call back? And secondly, will you come to the office conscription at 10 a.m. tomorrow? We are waiting for you.”Nikolaï Peskov’s answer is full of height, as shown by the translation of the video delivered to our antenna this Thursday morning. “Obviously, I will not come to the police station”, he retorts before recalling that he is particularly well born and therefore, apparently, above these contingencies: “You should understand that I am Mr. Peskov, and that it’s not really for me.” “Anyway, I’m going to solve this problem, and I’m going to solve it on another level,” he says. “I’m not a simple soldier” But Nikolaï Peskov isn’t sure he ticks the boxes for this partial mobilization. In the rest of the dialogue, relayed here by TF1, he says: “I have to understand what I have to do and how I have to do it”. “I need to understand in general what’s going on and what my rights are. Have them take me away tomorrow – believe me neither you nor I need that.” I have no problem to defend my homeland, but I need to understand the feasibility of my presence there,” he insists. Aged 32, Nikolai served in the army, in one of the divisions in charge of nuclear missiles, the Daily Mail reported here. Suffice to say that he seems qualified to re-enlist. He soon qualified his refusal, saying: “I’ll do what I’m told. If Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin says I have to go, I’ll go”. However, there is no question of passing for a trooper like the others, Nikolai Peskov stressing that he is “not a simple soldier”. come according to him. “I fear an immense tragedy and many deaths”, he declared, denouncing a “criminal war”. On BFMTV this Thursday morning, Tatiana Kastouéva-Jean, director of the Russia / New States Center independent from the French Institute of International Relations, considered that this hoax mixing politics and satire revealed the fractures breaking Russian society. “That says a lot about the Russia of Vladimir Putin. There is the Russia of the elites who is not directly affected by the decisions it makes and all the others who have to pay the piper.” “It feeds the feeling of injustice in the population, and it can only reinforce the dissatisfaction with this war” , she finished.Robin Ve rner Journalist BFMTV



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