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Minister Isabel Rodríguez, on her motherhood: “I felt guilty for not feeling like a bad mother”


Rodríguez has vindicated the policies of his Executive that he assures facilitate the “decision to be a mother” and gives as an example the increase in the SMI or paternity permitsMother of two children, the Government spokesperson assures that she is not the “prototype mother” but neither is feels bad The Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has participated this Thursday in the III Conference ‘I do not resign’, organized by the Malasmadres Club, where she has recognized that “the first time” that she felt that it was not good mother was for not feeling bad mother.” I felt guilty for not feeling bad mother, that’s where our feeling of guilt goes,” explained the minister, who has recognized that she is not “the prototype mother” but neither “feels bad “, hence to come to think that “I would be doing something wrong”. As she explained, she is a defender of the motto “the personal is political” and that “there is no other policy than the one that attends to people’s lives” , because, in his opinion or, “no sphere of people is understood that should not be addressed by politics.” For the minister spokesperson, conciliation “should not be entrusted to an ideology” because it is a policy of “majorities” that “questions everyone”. In fact, she has been in favor of “questioning men” in this matter since, As she pointed out, “conciliation problems occur” because we are part of a society where the role of women “is not the same” as theirs, and when they “assume the role that only they had before”, mainly In labor matters, it was seen how the issue of care and housework “did not fit well.” manages to “advance in social matters” to “correct these situations” “advance will also be made in challenges such as demographics” in the country, he pointed out. And, as he explained, one of the figures that most moves him to continue in his work is the one facilitated by the INE and that states that the majority of women would like to have two children, but t It has a mean of 1.2. “The majority resigns,” Rodríguez lamented. In this sense, he has defended the government’s policies that, in his opinion, “facilitate the decision to be a mother”, such as the rise in the SMI, or equal paternity and maternity leave, although on this subject he has indicated that it will be necessary to “analyze how they are being used and if they are really managing to change things”. In this sense, he has also valued the improvement of the working conditions of domestic workers and domestic workers. In the same way, he has called for “reflection” on other proposals, such as teleworking on which, as he has recognized, there were good expectations in relation to conciliation and in the pandemic it was found that “those who were with the lentils and teleworking” were women. Finally, Rodríguez has sent a message to women who want to fight on these issues but not they can “speak up” as activists because “they need their jobs to feed their children.” He has encouraged these women “not to lower their arms” and to go to associations such as the Club de las Malasmadres or to question the Government itself. “Think about that when you cast your vote,” said the minister spokesperson.



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