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The Swiss will bring salaries of three thousand to Košice, an investment worth millions of euros is heading to the east of Slovakia –


The Arcondis group was founded in 2001 as a small IT startup. It was founded by two employees in Reinach, Switzerland, near the city of Basel. The primary business was focused on IT support of business processes. Six years later, the company profiled itself as a service provider exclusively for entities operating in the field of life sciences. Apparently, this was the right move, as in a short time they expanded to Germany, the United States and Asia, and giants such as Siemens, Roche and Bayer were among their customers. Currently, however, the Swiss focused on Slovakia. They plan to build a new base in Košice and employ 60 highly qualified workers. “In order to support the implementation of the investment plan, the recipient requested the provision of investment aid in the total nominal value of 2.6 million euros,” the Ministry of Economy stated in the proposal for the provision of the incentive. This article is for subscribers only.
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