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Assault on Kheira Hamraoui: “There is a second victim called Aminata Diallo” – L’Équipe


Not invited, L’Équipe was still invited to the press conference of Aminata Diallo’s lawyers, Thursday morning, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, at the office of Me Mourad Battikh, accompanied by Mes Chloé Redon and Romain Ruiz, his other advice. A good twenty journalists and as many cameras and microphones took place in the small central room for this first speech open to – almost – all of the defense of the player, released, under judicial supervision, Wednesday evening after its passage before the judge of freedoms and detention of the judicial court of Versailles. Summary. “We are very happy with this decision for her, who has experienced a very significant prison shock. Today, we are mobilized to demonstrate his innocence. Our client is also combative, ready to prove it. For this release, we contradicted the reasons of the public prosecutor, who demanded a serene pursuit of the investigations and feared a risk of absconding. It’s crazy to consider that she was going to flee when, for ten months (and the start of the case, November 4, 2021), she has remained with a view to fighting. It was proven that there had been no hindrance. She never tried to consult or put pressure on anyone. We had prepared a very solid project, also with four proposals for accommodation and remoteness (a residence with his father, in Grenoble, was finally selected). ” On the overwhelming revelations ” We have been able to consult the file since Friday and it is true that there was a fragmented and very incriminating reading through the media. The in-depth reading reassured us about the inability of the prosecution to link Aminata Diallo by any material element to the attackers. It is believed that she was remanded in custody on factual grounds that did not deserve it. The restitution of the plays is partial and biased. You have to put them in context. The reality of this case is that no listening connects Aminata Diallo to an attacker, nor allows us to see that she ordered anything. She talks about the world of sport, her career, her feelings about her performance. That’s all there is. If that establishes guilt, then a lot of people in football should be scared. ” ” The fact of wanting a place in the France team is not a motive, but a reality for many players ” On the line of defense ” Our client is presumed innocent, and it is important to remember that. We are going to work to deconstruct the few elements highlighted and which do not hold water, to have a balance of weapons, equal treatment. Because we are facing a form of obvious imbalance. We find ourselves a little helpless. But, today, we are going to put forward our defense arguments. The real victim is obviously Kheira Hamraoui. But there is a second victim called Aminata Diallo. She was molested on the evening of the events and forced to be pressed against the steering wheel of her vehicle. The fact that Kheira Hamraoui was a victim that evening does not make Aminata Diallo guilty. All acts of investigation have been made against him. And it would have been necessary to explore other avenues. ” On the sporting rivalry ” The fact of wanting a place in the France team is not a motive, but a reality for many players. Both were able to play together and have compatible profiles. In sports, we can find 250 mobiles. This one doesn’t hold. We are in the extraordinarily competitive context of the world of high-level sport. Disputes happen every day, every week, at all levels. And we can make message extractions say what we want. Enmity must be extremely nuanced in our opinion. “Today, his only fight is the match to prove his innocence” On the follow-up to the investigation “We still don’t know who the sponsor or the intermediary is. The day they will be identified, all those who have dragged Aminata Diallo through the mud in recent hours will have to be able to look at themselves in a mirror. The attackers (the other suspects arrested and indicted) designate her, but it is very easy to denounce her. Let’s be careful. On our side, we will take all the time necessary to prove his innocence. » On her future « She does not envisage her sporting future. She is devastated. Today, his only fight is the match to prove his innocence. She has just suffered a strong trauma, but she is a fighter. She is a very sensitive young woman, a great professional, hard at work. There is a shell with a tender heart when you dig. The ones and photos chosen hurt him. We must not forget his family behind. I think she is once again a victim of the image portrayed of her in the media. She doesn’t really want to talk and wants the investigation to go as well as possible. We try to preserve it. The goal is for her to rest. Then she really wants to be involved in the rest of these investigations. »



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