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Another earthquake in Slovan. The godfather ended up in his position – Pravda


For now, we bring you his statement in full: “First of all, I want to thank my father for the opportunity to lead the most successful Slovak club for seven years. During this period, we have undoubtedly grown as a club and, especially since moving to the new Tehelné pole, we have achieved a lot of success. Thanks to the fans for their support. You may not have agreed with me on everything, but we shared a white heart and I always tried to do the best for you as I could. I value each of you and especially thank those who gave me and the club strength even in difficult moments. I also thank the partners who supported my efforts and were part of our successes during this period. After the events of last Friday, when practically my entire team of closest colleagues was suddenly dismissed, I can no longer imagine continuing as CEO. The results and the facts confirm that my team of people who were fired on Friday and whom I trusted have nothing to be ashamed of. When we moved to the new stadium, we put together a team that played good football, entertained people, defeated big teams like PAOK or Besiktas, played a balanced game with a Premier League participant and didn’t do anything embarrassing in a single match in the Europa League. Thanks to the systematic selection of players, we had footballers who had value on the market and we managed to monetize them, led by the historically biggest transfer of Andraž Šporar to Sporting Lisbon. It was the most beautiful time I experienced in football and Slovan. At the moment, however, things are not going as I would like, and it can be felt in the tension in the public and among the fans. The performance of the game and even the final results are not what we would like and wish for, they do not bring joy or fulfillment. We hardly have a player in the squad who would be interesting from the point of view of future sales, while these players cost us a lot of money. In 2019, when the team was made up of players with the prospect of resale and the cost of the staff at that time was diametrically lower than now, we were able to play in the European League, which we cannot compare with the quality of the current group in the European Conference League. And that is my idea of ​​how the club works and not what the current state looks like. I don’t have the strength to fight anymore, so I’m leaving for now. After what happened on Friday, I feel like I can’t go on. My conscience would not allow me to be just a kind of face of all that happened and is happening in the club, and to defend to the fans something that I myself am not convinced of. Since the start of 2021, things have started to change at the club and what has happened in the last three transfer windows does not match my thoughts and where the club should be going. I simply cannot continue to work like this. I can’t imagine working without the people who have been my support for the past seven years and helped to fulfill my ideas. You must understand that you cannot perform such a function if you do not have people with you who you can trust one hundred percent. After Friday’s decisions and the departure of these people, there was almost no one left in the club who was on my wavelength. I think that it is clear to everyone, and it has been visible for a long time, that there is a lot of negative energy and disagreements in the club, and Slovan does not deserve that. Logically, the whole thing had to come to some kind of change. The decision was made as it was made. I have always wanted and will always want the best for Slovan, which is why I decided to leave. All I have to do is thank you for the chance. I realize that if my father did not own Slav, I would not have been given such an opportunity at such a young age. I gave the maximum, a lot of time, energy, passion and zeal to Slavan. I’m not leaving bitter, but grateful. In life, you have to know when to take a step back and when is the right time to pull back. If the opportunity arises to lead Slovan again in the future, I will of course always be happy to return. Of course, I will not begrudge Slovan and I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for him and wish him all the best. Once again, I thank my father, fans, all colleagues, co-workers, previous coaches and players for the good seven years. Together we are a Slav.”



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