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“I have to deliver my children to my own executioner…”: Laure Manaudou upset, this terrible cry from the heart shared on the networks – Public


It is a chilling story that Laure Manaudou wanted to share on her Instagram account. This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Jérémy Frérot’s companion published the post of a certain Margaux, a 28-year-old young mother who “in a month” will have to “deliver (s) her children to (s) her own executioner”. “My name is Margaux, I am 28 years old and I am the fulfilled mother of an eight-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy. At 15, I left my mother’s home after suffering daily physical abuse, abuse, harassment and humiliation for 10 years,” she wrote. In December 2009, failing to file a complaint, she filed a handrail to “leave a trace”. “I was able, that day, to talk about the beatings, the falls, the wooden spoon, the soiled litter of the cat in my bed, the point-blank scent of her in my eyes, the freezing showers when I went vomiting from crying, evenings, alone, locked in the car when she went out in the evening, spiral staircases tumbled down by her hair. Years were needed for the slightest raised voice, I no longer have the reflex to put myself in the corner of a room after analyzing that it was here the least risky if ever my head hit something. Even today, I am working to repair the damage that these years have caused to me. “” I’m scared, I’m terrified “But while Margaux tries somehow to rebuild herself and to offer her son and daughter the happy childhood she never knew, her mother does not don’t give up. In 2016, the latter seized the JAF (family affairs judge, editor’s note) and “claims to obtain rights” on the eldest of the young mother who must also fight blood cancer. Despite a first victory, the Court of Appeal judges the case again and orders that the girl go every first Saturday of the month to her grandmother. “I’m scared, I’ve been terrified since this decision,” adds the young woman. Dejected, she is now asking for help and visibility. A visibility that Laure Manaudou, touched in the heart by this terrible story, intends to give her.V.BSee also:



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