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“Don’t sign them today!”: Emmanuel Macron asks not to accept electricity contracts… – BFM Business


Returning from the UN General Assembly in New York, the Head of State answered questions from BFMTV and spoke in particular about the energy crisis. During his return flight from New York where he participated in the General Assembly of the United Nations, the President of the Republic answered questions from Ulysse Gosset at the microphone of BFM TV. First asked about the prospects for the war in Ukraine after a new warning from Vladimir Putin against the West, he then spoke about the energy crisis. The Head of State notably appealed to companies and communities not to sign energy contracts at exorbitant prices: At the moment sometimes when you are a small business, a local community, a social landlord, we offer you an electricity price to renegotiate your contracts at crazy prices: do not sign them today!” A piece of advice that Emmanuel Macron justified by discussions currently being held with several countries in order to lower energy prices. “We are in the process of renegotiating gas and electricity prices, getting our gas and electricity markets working again. In the coming weeks, we will ensure collectively in Europe and with the Americans and others to find more reasonable prices and give visibility to gas and electricity prices so that all of this is sustainable. we can spend the winter without rationing” He concluded his speech by asking not to give in to excitement, worry or panic but rather to concentrate on “fair and justly distributed, reasonable efforts.” A few minutes more Earlier, Emmanuel Macron had mentioned these daily efforts on heating, air conditioning or even lighting on the part of everyone, from citizens to the State and communities, including industrialists from different sectors. “We can pass the winter if everyone plays their role and without rationing, which is the strategy of sobriety that we have and that the government has detailed”, he indicated to BFM TV. The President of the Republic also recalled that this policy sober ity was combined with a strategy of European solidarity. As such, France will export gas, mainly from Norway, to its neighbors and will import electricity to deal with its under-production situation in this area.



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