NewsWorldSHOCK! Patrik Herman ends in Markíz: RESIGNATION after...

SHOCK! Patrik Herman ends in Markíz: RESIGNATION after 26 years! –


Patrik Herman has worked continuously at Markíza since its inception, i.e. since 1996. He moderated countless shows and was also involved in the Markíza Foundation. But as Nový čas reported today, after 26 years he decided it was time for a change and resigned. He should have done so a few days ago… And his next steps are already known. Years later, he met again with his former colleague Zuzana Ťapáková, with whom he stood together at the birth of Markíza. She recently became the new marketing director of the public broadcaster RTVS and made Herman an offer he couldn’t refuse. “I am grateful for the RTVS offer, which gives me the opportunity to capitalize on my previous experience and move forward. I am looking forward not only to the new moderator role, but also to other forms of cooperation and the opportunity to develop charitable projects and help others. I believe that I will have a chance to contribute to a good cause with my little bit. I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues and will do my best not to disappoint the trust RTVS has placed in me and the people who make it up. At the same time, I want to thank Television Markíza for everything I experienced and learned thanks to it, and I also thank all my colleagues with whom it was an honor to work with,” said Patrik Herman. Photo gallery (3)



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