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The phone call revealed a hard blow to ordinary Russians! The son of the spokesman of the Kremlin will not go to war: I will think about it! –


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that 300,000 reservists would be called up to fight Ukraine has sparked protests and a scramble for one-way flights from Russia. The young man from the Kremlin background was also not very enthusiastic about having to fight for his country in the war against Ukraine: The son of the press spokesman of the Kremlin let himself be caught in a phone call by a team led by the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny and defended himself against the alleged conscription. “You must understand, I am Mr. Peskov” The phone call was made by Dmitry Nisovtsev, who impersonated an officer in a live broadcast on YouTube channel Popular Politics and reminded Nikolai Peskov of the expected date of his appointment. He should report to the military commissariat the next day: “We will be waiting for you tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.,” said the fake officer. This news completely got him. “You must understand, I am Mr. Peskov. It is not right that I should come there at all,” said the scion of the Kremlin spokesman harshly. Peskov warned: “Neither you nor I need it” Nikolai further explained that he did not agree to voluntary military service: “I need to understand in general what is happening and what are my rights.” That you will take me away tomorrow—believe me, neither you nor I need it.” When his interlocutor was not deterred, he added, “I have no problem defending my country—but I must understand the propriety of my appearing there. I’m talking about certain political nuances.” If it was an order from Putin, he would have been called, he continued, but warned: “I’m not an ordinary person … To make it short, I’ll handle it on another level. I have to understand what and how I should do,” Peskov continued. Protests against mobilization in Russia Kremlin critic Navalny warned after the announcement that Putin’s announced partial mobilization would lead to a “huge tragedy”. He fears a “huge death toll”. In order to stay in power, the Russian president wants to “stain hundreds of thousands of blood on his hands.” Thousands of Russian demonstrators also expressed their dissatisfaction with the mobilization: more than 1,000 people were arrested during the protests.



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