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Zelenskyy asked the UN to punish Russia: According to the Ukrainian president, he must bear responsibility for the war – Novy Čas


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi called on the United Nations (UN) on Wednesday to punish Russia for its invasion and to remove its veto power in international institutions and the UN Security Council. TASR informs about it according to the reports of the AFP and AP agencies. “A crime was committed against Ukraine and we demand a just punishment… Punishment for trying to steal our territory, punishment for the murders of thousands of people…” said Zelenskyy, who was the only world leader who could address the participants of the UN General Assembly (UN General Assembly UN) via video recording. In his speech, he called for punishing Russia a total of 15 times, AFP notes. According to the Ukrainian president, the removal of Russia’s veto should be part of the punishment. “For now, the aggressor is part of decision-making in international organizations and must be isolated from that,” Zelensky declared. The Ukrainian president also called for the creation of a special tribunal to ensure that Russia is held accountable for the “crime of aggression” against Ukraine. In addition, he also requested the establishment of a fund from which Ukrainians would be compensated for the damage they suffered during the invasion. “Russia wants war, that’s true,” Zelensky said, adding that “humanity and international law are stronger” than Russia, which he called a “terrorist state.” At the same time, the Ukrainian president insisted that his country can repel the Russian attack and expel the Russian army from Ukrainian territory. “We can return the Ukrainian flag to our entire territory… but we need time,” Zelenskyy said. The president also said Kiev had drawn up a five-point plan to build lasting peace, but rejected any suggestions that his country commit to neutrality. This plan includes, for example, punishment for Russian aggression, restoration of Ukrainian security and territorial integrity, and security guarantees, writes Reuters. At the same time, Zelensky ruled out “that there could be a settlement on a basis other than the Ukrainian peace plan”. “The further Russian terror goes, the less likely it is that anyone in the world will agree to sit down with them (Russia) at the same table,” the Ukrainian president said. Many diplomatic delegations participating in the UN General Assembly responded to Zelensky’s speech with a standing ovation, but the Russian delegation remained seated, notes Reuters.



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