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Cervantes and Miguel Ángel, ‘Great Fags of History’


The book ‘Great Fags of History’ brings 17 relevant historical figures out of the closet Texts and private letters document the secret sexual condition of people like Newton or Da Vinci That Miguel de Cervantes was a converted Jew was not known until the middle of the 20th century, but also was “bisexual or homosexual” is something that was not made public until then either because, if it had been known, he would have been “sentenced to death”, as stated in the book “Great Fags of History”, which also brings Newton out of the closet and Miguel Ángel. This is stated by Álvaro J. Sanjuán, known as Otto Mas, the creator of the podcast “Great Fags of History” and the person in charge of turning these biographies into a book (Plan B) that bring to light the sexual condition of 17 men whose homosexuality did not come to light until the middle of the last century. “Although his contemporaries knew about it, it was lost in history because it was not agreed that great characters like Leonardo Da Vinci were fags, and not it is until the 20th century when we know this information through his letters and other documents that indicate that he was homosexual”, Sanjuán said in an interview. And this is what, according to what he publishes in the book, what happened to the author of “Don Quixote” according to the French researcher Louis Combet in his study “Cervantes or the uncertainties of desire”, a document in which he addresses what happened during his captivity in Algiers. A theory about his homosexuality that is supported in the fact that after his four escape attempts by two different masters he was not killed, which was what happened when a prisoner tried to escape. Although the theories suggest that he was not killed for being an “economic asset”, there are other scholars to which the author has gone, such as Jean Canavaggio, who say that if he remained alive it was because of the “carnal trade” that he had with his captor, the pasha of Algiers Hasan Pasha. There is a theory that Cervantes saved his life in Algiers why keep He had a “carnal trade” with his captorThe ‘environments’ of the author of ‘Don Quixote’When Cervantes returned to Spain, according to the author, the writer was also accused of having committed “vicious, ugly and dishonest things” in Algiers. But there are also more signs of the author’s “bisexuality or homosexuality” in other documents such as the poem attributed to Lope de Vega that questions his virility or the fact that he was a regular at gambling houses, where “prostitutes were common “.”The Cervantists begin to investigate the environments through which he moved and certain episodes indicate that he was bisexual or homosexual, but it was not written down because it was a death sentence,” he concluded. Hidden DocumentsWith the aim of “removing from the closet” to referents for the homosexual group, Sanjuán also reviews with “colloquial” language the biographies of other “faggots” such as Miguel Ángel, whose great-nephew changed the gender of the protagonists of his great-uncle’s poems; or how the “premeditated” destruction of documents has hidden from history until the second half of the last century the homosexuality of Hans Christian Andersen or George Washington.”In the 20th century, with the arrival of secularism, researchers have found testimonies in thousands of libraries. The title of this book has the intention of integrating the word, before we had taken it as an insult, and now we call ourselves that to remove the pejorative meaning. All these great queers were at the time and their contemporaries knew it, they have come into our lives because they were part of the privileged elite, and this freed them from being able to end up at the stake”, he concluded. Throughout these pages the reader will also be able to learn about that part “erased” in all Alejandro’s encyclopedias Magnus, Richard I of England, Tchaikovsky or Francis of Assisi and Bourbon and Leonardo Da Vinci



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