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LIVE – Partial mobilization in Russia, nuclear threat, new convictions… Follow the news of the war in Ukraine – BFMTV


9:59WHO counts 550 attacks on health centers in UkraineWHO Ukraine declares in a tweet that it has counted, between February 24 and September 9, 550 attacks on health centers in Ukraine, which “leave 100 dead and 129 wounded”. “Health should never be a target,” writes the organization. 9:50 In Moscow “we begin to arrest people in the street” After the announcement of partial mobilization of the Russian population for the war in Ukraine, recruitment started directly, according to Daniel Kashnitsky, a Russian teacher-researcher who had taken refuge in France since the start of the war. he says, “we call them under the flag by giving them forms to fill out” to join the army. 9:36 The son of the deserter Kremlin spokesman? The team of the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny released a video in which she traps the son of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Activists pose as members of the police and call Nikolay Peskov to come to the police station as part of the partial mobilization for the war in Ukraine. The son then makes it clear that his social status does not affect Vladimir Putin’s announcement.”Obviously I will not come to the police station. You should understand that I am Mr. Peskov, that it is not really for me… Either way I’m going to solve this problem, I’m going to solve it on another level,” he said. part of the Russians, who seek to leave the country, or express their dissatisfaction. new sanctions against Russia after the “escalation” announced by Moscow.Josep Borrell made this statement after an informal extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers in New York during which they adopted a statement tion condemning “strongly Russia’s latest escalation”. “We will continue to increase our military aid and study new restrictive measures” against Russia, he said. 9:01 Among the Russians, “the only thing that still works well is artillery”” Russians are in retreat territorially, they no longer have air control, the only thing that still works well for them is artillery”, explains this Thursday on BFMTV Alain Bauer, specialist in security and defence.”To destroy this artillery, you have to go deep into Russian territory” in order to destroy ammunition centers or fuel depots, he explains. Today “there is no bombardment on the other side of the border, there are just special forces units, Ukrainian commandos who have gone to blow up depots”.8:54Some weapons “do more damage than a tactical nuclear weapon”, declares Alain BauerAlain Bauer, specialist in security and defense issues, explains this Thursday morning on BFMTV that a tactical nuclear weapon is not synonymous with total destruction. “We have conventional weapons that do more damage than a tactical nuclear weapon: fuel oil bombs, for example, the bombs used in Iraq or in the first Gulf War. These are extraordinarily destructive weapons,” he explains. it.”The tactical nuclear weapon is concentrated, limited, and reduced to a very small object”, declares Alain Bauer. “It is done to destroy an armored concentration, a production center where there would be a lot of divisions or armament”, and if in the West it is prohibited, “for the Russians it has always belonged to their arsenal”. 8:35 Interview with Emmanuel Macron to follow on BFMTVAn interview with the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on the war in Ukraine and the current international situation will be broadcast this Thursday morning on BFMTV.8:32215 prisoners exchanged overnight Ukraine announced in the night of Wednesday to Thursday the exchange with Russia of 215 soldiers including chiefs of defense of the Azovstal steelworks in the city of Mariupol, a symbol of resistance to the Russian invasion. This is the largest exchange since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February, the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Andriï Yermak declared on television. Russia has recovered 55 prisoners including ex-MP Viktor Medvedchuk , a close friend of Vladimir Putin, accused of high treason in Ukraine, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his daily address. “just punishment” against Russia, calling for the establishment of a special tribunal. “A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand just punishment” against Russia, President Zelensky said while addressing the UN General Assembly via video message. announcements by Vladimir Putin in the morning, threatening the West with an armed escalation and announcing the partial mobilization of at least 300,000 men.



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