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The “United We Can” brand is in danger: IU and Podemos study other names for the regional


Its use has been disparate among the Autonomous Communities, although it was formalized in territories such as Madrid, Castilla-León or the Balearic Islands. the brand “Unidas Podemos” in the next autonomous and general elections of 2023. The name that was conceived for the general elections from 201 was not used in a unified way in the local elections. The two main forces of the confederal space already maintained a meeting in June to discuss the entire next electoral cycle for 2023 and the support for Sumar’s ‘listening process’, initiated by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz. In said meeting after the Andalusian elections, the two leaderships led by Ione Belarra and Alberto Garzón confirmed their willingness to present joint candidacies for these elections, always linked to the decisions of the territories but without concr never know what type of denomination they were going to have. However, the conviction installed in the leadership of Podemos and IU, according to what Público has advanced and sources from both parties have confirmed to Europa Press, is that the joint candidacies that they seal would not have to be called United We Can and the possibility of specifying other formulas is left open. This possibility has been outlined within the dialogue between both executives, but it is not included or reflected in any resolution or document of the organizations. A name that reflects the coalition The most Plausible, they point out, is to bet on clearly making the presence of Podemos and IU visible and, among them, traditional formulas are opened, recognizable and that reflect the spirit of a coalition, such as using the acronyms of the parties that compose it. Although there is also the way of choosing designations that clearly refer to the territory of the candidacy. These two assumptions have already been put into practice in other elections. Thus, the priority in Podemos is to start building strong and broad candidacies, prioritizing the agreement with the IU and other forces such as the Green Alliance, and once the bases have been laid from the two formations main, try to expand and broaden the progressive bases. Within the confederal space, there are voices that emphasize that United We Can is a brand that is dragging some wear and tear and its future is in the air for the future generals, after the emergence of the Sumar platform promoted by the second vice-president Yolanda Díaz, who for the moment limits its development to being a citizen movement. limited to the scope of the parliamentary group, but it is not mandatory for regional elections and, in fact, its use has not been generalized during this time in coalitions ones between both parties. Their employment, for example, has been recent in the last elections in Castilla y León and in the case of the Community of Madrid, although in the appointment with the 2019 polls it was not the case and the coalition, where Anticapitalistas also participated, it was finally Podemos-IU-Madrid en Pie. In turn, it has been used in the Balearic Islands and in the Valencian Community, although in this case with references to the acronym from the Unides Podem – EUPV formula. In contrast, other brands have been chosen at the time of the elections in other communities, such as United for Extremadura, Galicia in Common (although also accompanied by United We Can and the initials of the formations), Elkarrekin Podemos (Together We Can) in the Basque Country or the Andalusian case, which in 2019 did not opt ​​for the formula of United We Can and last June the coalition ‘For Andalusia’ was conceived, where Más País was also present. In addition, in Navarra an agreement has already been reached between Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Batzarre and Independientes to run together in the elections and they have chosen that the name of the candidacy be ‘Contigo Navarra’. In La Rioja, the two main forces of the confederal space have also sealed an alliance. While there are regions where Podemos and IU have run separately for the elections, as is the case of Asturias, Murcia or Aragón. Podemos holds primaries and IU designs its programRespect At the municipal level, the United We Can brand has not proliferated either and various denominations have been used in accordance with the local casuistry, although the brand of the confederal space has also been used. Facing these elections, Podemos has already advanced that the internal primaries to elect candidates will take place from October 10 to November 4, and with candidates already profiled in many territories. As for IU, it is now focused on specifying its framework program for this electoral appointment and, when that phase is over, the issue of candidates will be addressed later.



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