NewsWorldLatest world news brief today, September 22

Latest world news brief today, September 22


Indigenous activists call for an end to the monarchy on Australia’s National Day of Mourning over the death of Queen Elizabeth II Indigenous groups have held “Abolish the Monarchy” rallies in Australia on Thursday to highlight the impact of British colonization on Australia. Thursday 22 September was declared a single public holiday as a National Day of Mourning for Australia following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Photo from the protest in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images) Indigenous activist groups in Australia are organizing protests on the country’s national day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, calling for an end to the constitutional monarchy. Protests have been reported in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney, where a crowd of around 250 began gathering at 1pm local time on Thursday 22 September. Organizers say the late queen was a symbol of colonial oppression in Australia and that racial justice cannot be achieved while a British monarch remains Australia’s head of state. “What we have seen since the death of Queen Elizabeth is a whitewashing” of Australia’s colonial past, said rally organizer Lynda-June Coe. “We are not just calling for the abolition of the monarchy and an Australian Republic, we are calling for accountability,” Coe told the crowd. The protests came as Australian leaders gathered in Canberra for the country’s official memorial service for the late Queen. Speaking at the service, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said her memory was “being honored on a continent that is home to the world’s oldest continuous culture, paying respect to traditional owners.” While Albanese is in favor of an Australian republic, his government has pledged to hold a referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, a constitutionally established body of indigenous Australians that would advise on legislation affecting First Nations peoples.



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