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SHOCKING INFORMATION about the tragic death of an 18-year-old national team cyclist –


SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)

TRENČÍN – Only 18-year-old talented cyclist and Slovak junior representative Róbert Nagy Jr. died during training around Trenčín on Thursday morning. According to the information on, the causes of the death of a young cyclist are extremely tragic and shocking.

Róbert Nagy Jr. was training on Thursday morning near Trenčín and at the Motora Radar. He was riding his bicycle in the direction of Trenčianske Jastrabia, when there was a fatal clash between an 18-year-old hopeful athlete and a truck. “Robo during training and at high speed, when they were going down the hill as a group in the direction of Trenčianske Jastrabie, he hit a stone on the road and threw it to the left. Coincidentally, a truck was walking beside him, pulling him down and throwing him back into the railing by the road. After the crash, his lungs and everything was completely torn. It is nonsense to pull out something other than cardiac arrest. What we have been saying to politicians for years has come, but still in the wind. If a distance of 1.5 meters were kept when overtaking cyclists, this tragedy would not have happened. The truck flew there with at least a hundred. After all, cyclists went at a speed of 60 – 70 kilometers. The boys, when they gave him artificial respiration, said that his whole hill was torn off. The biggest paradox is that he hit the railing that has been there for two weeks. If he wasn’t there, Robo might still be alive. Indeed, the 1.5 meters is the distance that must be observed. The boys didn’t break anything, they went down the hill behind them. Maybe if two or three went side by side, as the drivers swear, it wouldn’t happen, because each driver would slow down. The fact that they went after them and one by one, hit the stone, the truck went at high speed and threw it on the railing, caused the tragedy, “ said one of the officials of Slavia Trenčín Cycling Academy for

SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)

Shortly after the accident, the Trenčín police officers issued a call on the social network in connection with the tragedy. “Due to the documentation of the traffic accident, the road 1/9 at the turn to the village Trenčianske Jastrabie is impassable in both directions. Take extra care. ” written for drivers who drive the section.

“I can confirm that this morning we accepted the call for help for the betrayed cyclist, but unfortunately, despite the best efforts, the rescuers who were already sent were unable to help the man,” informed the spokesperson of the Emergency Medical Service of the Slovak Republic, spokeswoman Alena Krčová.

“Today in the morning, a cyclist fell on the road near Trenčianske Jastrabí. The 18-year-old cyclist suffered injuries during the fall, which he suffered on the spot. An ODI police officer has prosecuted the offense. Experts from the field of road transport and healthcare were hired, “ informed about the tragic event in which the young cyclist Róbert Nagy, a spokeswoman for the Trenčín police, Danka Adamíková, died.

SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)
SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)
SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)
SOURCE: fb Róbert Nagy (Bobo)




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