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Juraj Šeliga: If they elect Taraba as deputy speaker of the parliament, I will leave the coalition (+video) – Denník N


Juraj Šeliga (32) is a member of parliament for the Za lúdí party. In the interview, he says: how he feels in the coalition with the We are a family member, deputy Šimko; how he explains the support of the government laws by the Tarabos; under what circumstances would he leave the government coalition; whether he was approached by Mikuláš Dzurinda to join the new party; also why he wouldn’t vote for mayor Rudolf Kusé in Bratislava. I’ll start with a quote. “Who is funding you? Maybe Soros from the USA? All you need is Viktor Orbán from Hungary and he will deal with you.” Do you know who the author is? At first, I would say that it is Fico, but it will not be Fico. I guess it’s not Matovič. Not Matovič, but he is a coalition politician. I was already scared. Juro Gyimesi? Not. It is a fresh reinforcement of the club We are a family, deputy Jozef Šimko. He told the director of the Post Bellum association in 2018, when the association tried to organize an exhibition about totalitarian regimes in Rimavská Sobota, where he is the mayor, which Šimko actively opposed. Robert Fico has been attacking you as a “Soros child” for years. How do you feel about being in a coalition with someone who has similar rhetoric? It is unacceptable. I don’t feel good in a coalition with Šimko, and I don’t feel good with Borguľ. But it is the coalition that is. I don’t want to make light of it, but you probably understand that I don’t have the right to go to We Are Family and tell them who they should and shouldn’t take. But Mr. Šimek’s statements are completely off the mark. In the summer, you wrote on Facebook: “No normal pro-European and democratic government can hang by the strings of people who insult and drag children into a political fight, conspire, question our foreign policy, the war in Ukraine, covid or EU membership.” Still valid? Yes. And yet you can be in a coalition with Jozef Šimko? I am in a coalition with We are a family. Whom the Sme family has taken, that is their space. Is this enough to knock it off? It’s not enough to beat it like that, but I have no right to come to We’re a Family and say who they should take to the club. I don’t even want that from you. I’m asking how you want to deal with being in a coalition with these people. I have two options. Can I go there? This article is exclusive content for Denník N subscribers. Are you a subscriber? Log in



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