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The new Minister of Economy showed up at the government: PHOTO Head injury in live broadcast! Is the original version true? –


Archive VIDEO Hirman reassures the public regarding energy prices in the first government, there is no reason to panic According to the original version of the story of the new Minister of Economy, it all happened on Thursday last week. In the early hours of the morning, he ended up in the emergency room of a Bratislava hospital when, according to his words, he broke his head while bending over to pick up a paper. Specifically, it was a hospital in Ružinovo, where he was treated for a broken head. He reportedly hit a desk at home while bending down to pick up a dropped paper. The portal was the first to report about it at that time. Hirman’s injury was subsequently confirmed by his spokeswoman Mária Pavlusík. “We can confirm that Minister of the Economy Karel Hirman suffered a home accident this morning while leaving for work, which required minor medical treatment at the emergency room at the Ružinov University Hospital. From there, he was transferred to the Department of the Economy, where he continued his work schedule today,” she said in at that time. However, she strongly denied that the minister was under the influence of alcohol. Photo gallery (3) Source: / Vlado Anjel About a week after the injury, the minister attended the government meeting. As he walked past the journalists, it could be seen that the injury was on the back of his head, above his right ear. At the same time, a turquoise color surrounds the wound, apparently after the application of disinfection. But a look at his head raises doubts about whether his version of the injury is true. It was not a small wound and it was evidently necessary to sew up the wound with several stitches. However, what exactly happened on Thursday, probably only the minister knows. Photo gallery (3) Source: / Vlado Anjel



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