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Sánchez defends his more social profile and claims the figure of Allende in the UN


The president has described as “a memorable start” of progressivism, the speech given by the Chilean Salvador Allende at the UN 50 years agoSánchez has participated in an act together with the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, whom he sees as a progressive allyEl “with ” and “without” Pedro Sánchez’s tie in New York The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has recalled the speech delivered by former Chilean President Salvador Allende before the UN General Assembly in 1972 as a “memorable start” and “more necessary than never” on the agenda of progressive governments. This is how Sánchez expressed himself at the tribute ceremony for the 50th anniversary of Allende’s speech before the UN General Assembly, which was held at the Cervantes Institute in New York and at the that the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has also been present, and the daughter of the former Chilean president, Isabel Allende, who has dedicated a few words to her father at the beginning of the act, has been invited. “Her voice is a source of inspiration in many other speeches that remain unfairly in the shadows,” said Sánchez in his speech in which he cited the “memorable start” of the speech by the former Chilean president and mythical figure among world social democracy. Allende, inspiration for progressive governments” I come from Chile, a small country, but where today any citizen is free to express themselves as they prefer, with unrestricted cultural, religious and ideological tolerance, where racial discrimination has no place,” said Allende, who committed suicide just a year later. during the coup led by Augusto Pinochet on September 11, 1973. “Today, as progressive leaders we must lead the march towards the future based on the principles of equality, freedom and social justice” (Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government )Sánchez underlined that these words seem to challenge Chile, which is being built today “with so much passion and commitment” and has made a call to progressive leaders to lead “the march towards the future” with the foundations of social justice and showing “determination at a time when the State is turned back to contain so much uncertainty.” His idea of ​​progress in favor of the underprivileged and the weak is an inspiration to all of us Social Democrats. Today, together with @gabrielboric, we remember the 50th anniversary of Salvador Allende’s speech before the @ONU_es. We keep fighting to open the big malls.— Pedro Sánchez (@sanchezcastejon) September 22, 2022 “Today our collective goal is based on the same ideal: protect the rights of the weakest, share the burdens. That those who have the most commit and contribute to the extent that corresponds to them, it is a matter of sovereignty,” he added. At this point, he emphasized that the food crisis and the rise in prices “are derived from a conflict that threatens the social majority” and that it is a “an inalienable mandate” for progressive governments to protect it “just as Allende did,” he recalled. the circumstance, perhaps the parallelism, that the current context of transformation in so many fields —the technological revolution, the energy transition, digitization— coincides with an offensive by reactionary movements citizens on a global scale who live by feeding fear and uncertainty among our societies”, Sánchez argued. Sánchez’s policies are veering to the left. Before there was no tax on large fortunes, now it is. And from not taxing the banks, they have been taxed. “Nothing is more corrosive to democracy than the suspicion that the citizenry chooses every four years who governs, but not who really commands; who, in the shadows, controls the springs of power,” he was heard saying in the act.”The conflicts between the economic macrostructures and the states and peoples continue to be, as they were half a century ago, an evident factor of distortion”, he stressed in his speech. Lately his messages are placed closer to the working middle class and he identifies the right with the great powers.



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