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Ukraine, Zelensky at the UN: 5 points for the victory


“We can win this war.” Thus Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video message sent to the United Nations General Assembly. On the pitch, Zelensky listed, Ukraine can win, but five points are needed to win: “Time, support, weapons, defense systems and even financial support”. For the Ukrainian president, “everyone wants peace, only one wants war, but we will not allow it to prevail,” he said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We did not provoke this war. We had no choice but to defend ourselves. Ukraine wants peace, Europe wants peace. The world wants peace”, the words of the Ukrainian, who added: ” There is only one entity, among the UN member states, which could now say – if it were able to interrupt my speech – that it is happy for this war, for its war “.

Read also To punish Moscow then, explains Zelensky, advancing the request to the leaders gathered in New York for the work of the UNGA, the UN should “deprive it of the right of veto” in the Security Council while asking for “punishments for the aggressors, until the aggression has no end. Sanctions are part of the formula for achieving peace “and urges the establishment of a” special court “to judge the crimes committed by Russia in the war triggered by the invasion ordered by Putin in February. , the Ukrainian president also called on the United Nations to adopt a ceiling on the price “of gas and oil, with which Russia finances the war and continues to perpetrate its aggression against our people”. “Ukraine has shown strength. on the battlefield, no one can blame us for weakness or inability to fight for our independence, the result will be the guarantee of a stable peace “, stresses the Ukrainian president. “It was not us who caused this war – he reiterates – there have been 88 talks to avoid war, but instead of stopping this crime of aggression, Russia has turned it into a full-scale invasion”. The Kiev leader then assured that the country is ready “for peace, but it must be a true and honest peace”.



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