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The ‘mirror effect’ due to the success of OnlyFans: other social networks begin to charge for their content by subscription


OnlyFans, which offers images and videos for adults on private channels in exchange for money, distributes an average of 200 million euros among its content creatorsThis platform is not the first social network that works with a subscription, but it is the most profitableFacebook, Twitter , YouTube or Twitch already offer premium content, although in a minority way, that you have to pay for The success of OnlyFans -the platform that offers adult content on private channels in exchange for money- is already causing a tsunami in the operation of other social networks where almost everything is free. Now, most of the time, to enter a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profile and see what someone has written or what photo or video they have posted, you do not have to pay. Not so in OnlyFans. Here the content creators (most of them raunchy, but not all) charge (very few offer it for free) between 5 and 50 euros per month to users who want to access a certain profile. Once they have paid, Internet users can chat with the content creator in question, pay them even more for a specific service, and even give them a tip. This adult content platform, which was born in 2016 in Great Britain, hit the ‘firecracker’ in 2020 (thanks, in part, to the confinement due to the pandemic and the stoppage suffered by the porn industry). So, it went from having 20 million users to 120. Today, it has 150 million and 2.8 content creators. 80% of the cost of a subscription to a specific profile on OnlyFans goes directly to the creator’s pocket. The business for the platform is succulent. Every month it distributes an average of 200 million euros among its creators, as published by the company at the beginning of 2021. It is not the only one, but it is the most profitableOnlyFans is not the only social network that works with a subscription, but it is the most profitable. Almost all of them have exclusive content through subscriptions (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch). The last to join has been Instagram, although it is still in the testing phase. It has been, precisely, the profitability of OnlyFans that has aroused the interest of other companies and platforms in “activating” this channel, although some such as YouTube have content from payment since 2018. YouTube and Twitch (fashion streaming platform) have a very similar model. In YouTube Premium and Twitch Prime, a user can subscribe to a content creator in exchange for having access to exclusive videos, without ads or being able to download them. On Facebook and Twitter there is also the possibility of subscribing to brands or users to have access to premium content. These monthly subscriptions not only give you access to exclusive content, but also have other benefits such as a badge that identifies you as a collaborator or discounts. The last great social network that has jumped on the bandwagon of subscriptions to enjoy exclusive content is Instagram. They announced it a few months ago, but for now, they have only launched it in the United States and with very few content creators. As with Facebook, also on Instagram only those with more than 10,000 followers can become subscription content creators. Business opportunity The truth is that achieving content monetization through direct subscriptions with followers is a golden opportunity for many industries and businesses, but also for independent professionals and small content creators. For companies, it is also more profitable for each user to pay a monthly payment than to have, for example, an online store, in which the user disburses the money only once. With subscriptions, the time in which the user is a client and can enjoy the services that are offered is extended, so there is more time to get hooked. The greatest danger in having to pay to see images or videos that before they were free is that many could leave that social network by not compensating them financially. In any case, offering exclusive content thanks to a subscription requires creators to be forced to work in a different way. For starters, they need to provide quality content that adds something different, as well as increase the number and frequency of posts. You have to keep the customer happy and make him feel that he pays for something.



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