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The Cordovan company that lights up Christmas in Spain: “A 40-meter tree consumes the same as a dryer”


They say that Puente Genil is the city of light. They are not lacking in reason because the world’s leading company in the manufacture of Christmas lighting has its headquarters in this town in the Cordovan countryside. Iluminaciones Ximénez is the one that lights up Christmas in cities like Malaga, Vigo or Madrid, as well as in world capitals like New York or Paris. They know a lot about energy saving in this company with more than 75 years of history. A decade ago they were ahead of the times and regulations. “We transform all our incandescence into LED lighting, which consumes 90 percent less. All our LED projects one hundred percent”, Ana Moreno, head of communication, explains to NIUS. Spectacular is not synonymous with excess consumption. She sets a clear example. “A Christmas tree 30 or 40 meters high consumes the same amount as a domestic hair dryer and look at the number of dryers in houses,” she points out. Exactly 3,500 watts. “The problem is that it is visually very spectacular and is usually linked to an expense that is not real,” says Moreno, who insists that it is a low consumption that has nothing to do with street lighting or air conditioning. The test is that Christmas lighting barely accounts for 0.001 percent of the annual budget of a city council, he says. “That’s very little”, they point out from the company already managed by the third generation dedicated to putting light in more than 50 countries in the world and in a hundred Spanish towns. “Each project has its idiosyncrasies. Vigo, for example, is very committed to investing in Christmas lighting, which is not the same as spending. The city council is very aware of the important role that lighting has as an economic engine,” he points out. Uncertainty about energy saving plans They recognize that although there is some uncertainty in the city councils about the saving measures that administrations can adopt, they are calm because the contracts they are multiannual and the assembly work in cities such as Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona and San Sebastián is already underway.In this sense, they are committed to reducing lighting by one hour.“It can mean a saving of up to 14 percent just for one hour daily less”, Moreno points out. They also boast of a new “revolutionary” material against light pollution. The so-called Ecogreenlux, patented and made entirely in Puente Genil. “Manufactured with biodegradable material, it emits fewer lumens, since it concentrates the light and does not it expands it”, he explains. This reduces light pollution by up to 90 percent. Some projects this year will already have this nu evo material, he acknowledges.



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