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A toxic relationship: the hidden profiles of those accused of the crime of Denisa Degran


Rocío is in provisional prison: “He has the face of an angel but he does not empathize with others”Mario is free: he has a restraining order for sexist violence and complaints of scamsDenisa was 17 years old and was murdered out of jealousy, in November 2018 in AlcorcónRocío Martínez Santamaría was 19 years old when she entered prison accused of killing Denisa Degran. She is diabetic and needs daily insulin. That’s why she is nicknamed ‘the Candy’. She was pregnant, even though she had just had a miscarriage naturally. That is why they took him to the infirmary and applied the Suicide Prevention Protocol. It was at the end of November 2018. “She is blonde, with blue eyes and has an angelic face. When she speaks she makes many faces and smiles as if she had not done anything. She is polite, punctual and always says hello but she has been sanctioned several times for misconduct. She has even slapped a doctor twice. She is what we call a maladjusted inmate,” the officials who treat her tell NIUS. to his bad behavior. She is now in the Mansilla de las Mulas prison (León), although during the days that the trial lasts she has returned to Alcalá Meco, the first in which she was admitted. In the Provincial Court of Madrid she has recognized that she ended the life of the victim, of Romanian origin and 17 years old, moved by her jealousy. “I stabbed her but I didn’t want to kill her,” she declared on her turn to speak. She had discovered a message on Instagram from her partner, Mario Tabanero, with whom she had barely been in a relationship for a month. The daughter of a civil guard assigned to the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), she lived with her parents and her little sister in Las Ventas de Retamar (Toledo). She worked as a telephone operator in the mornings. sad, sorry. However, Rocío never collapses. It seems that she does not regret it, not even with her family, “say these same sources. She admits having dealt a fatal stab wound to the teenager’s abdomen, which caused her to bleed to death in a short time But she accuses the boy of having taken her in his car to the place where his ex-girlfriend was: “I went crazy. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted to leave him. I looked at the time and asked him to take me home. If he would have given me 20,000 laps in the car, he had calmed me down but he took me to Denisa’s house,” he argues. He maintains that it was he who gave him a knife that he had in the glove compartment and that he had no intention of assaulting the girl. The report forensic records that at the time of the events she had a “borderline” personality disorder “and an abusive pattern of substance use, but that these alternations did not affect her cognitive and volitional abilities” of her. Rocío’s impulses Rocío maintains that that morning the couple went to the town of Valdemingómez to catch cocaine. According to her account, Mario earned his living as a street vendor, transporting drug addicts to drug sales points as a taxi. She blames him for having caused a strong addiction. She assures that he supplied her with drugs and that they also consumed beer and hashish. Then they went to a Burguer, where she looked at the boy’s mobile phone. She discovered a message from Denisa on her Instagram, which triggered her anger. She had been excited about having a daughter together. They started arguing in the car. Between tears Rocío has reported in her trial that she believed that Mario had a parallel relationship with her minor. “He was with both of them at the same time. He left me at home and went with her,” she said. She did not know Denisa in person. Even so, both had had confrontations through social networks. Investigators discovered the messages in which she threatened the victim with death and tried to intimidate her. “I’m going to go and I’m going to cut you,” she told him. Some conversations that the parents of the deceased also saw and that the accused denies having written. Her lawyer is now requesting a reduced sentence for a personality disorder and her drug addiction. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 26 years in prison for her. Her arms are full of small scars, cuts that are produced as a result of the anxiety that she suffers from her. She, however, has no report proving these conditions. In prison, she has never undergone psychiatric treatment or detoxification. Mario Mario’s criminal history maintains her innocence, despite the fact that she was aware of the rivalry between the two girls. He knew that Rocío was possessive and they had already had previous disputes: “sometimes my mobile has broken, I have a crack on my face, we have had fights.” He describes Rocío as an aggressive and impulsive person. According to his account, when she saw the message she had a “frenzy episode in the car and she began to hit the windows.” She herself admits that she cannot control herself in these types of situations and that she has a personality disorder. The investigators of the Group VI of Homicides had to look for the suspect as a result of the images captured by a security camera of a nearby clinic. He is seen running to his BMW, in which he took the alleged murderer to the house where the victim was and then they fled. The Prosecutor’s Office and the lawyer for Denisa’s family, Marcos García Montes, they consider that he was an accomplice and a necessary cooperator. He already had a record for squatting real estate and for several robberies with force. After the crime he has been arrested again on several occasions, among others for gender violence. Since February 2020 he has had a restraining order in force against a 24-year-old girl with whom he has subsequently had a romantic relationship. He has also tested positive for drugs while driving several times and his driver’s license has been revoked. He is being investigated after several people have denounced him from different provinces of Spain for committing fraud with the sale of car parts. He advertises himself in whatsapp, Wallapop or Facebook Market Place groups as a seller of spare parts and once they make the deposit he disappears. At the trial he reported that Rocío “had an episode of frenzy and banged on the car window car, with his fists and with his legs”, after discovering the message. According to her version “she asked him to take her to Denisa’s house to discuss things. She did not do it of her own free will. It seemed to her that ‘la Golosina’ was calmer and led her to the door of the victim’s house. She assures that she had the knife hidden in her bag, without him knowing anything. He also did not see traces of blood. Other ex-partners of the boy have also testified at the trial, as protected witnesses and behind a screen. One of them reported that he bragged about the crime and confessed that he had held Denisa from behind while Rocío stabbed her.” Mario is proud that a girl has killed for him. It was to put the girls against”, they pointed out. But Mario denies all the accusations made against him. He assures that he did not use drugs that day and that he did not provide the murder weapon to the murderer. The prosecution requests a 20-year sentence for him, but the lawyer who represents the family of the family, Marcos García Montes, will request that it be superior when applying an aggravating circumstance for eventual intent.”Even knowing the result and the damage that a certain action can cause, he continues to do so and does not rule out the result that can happen,” he alleges. The couple ended their relationship when Rocío entered prison. Although he wrote letters to her or tried to call her on the phone, Mario never answered her.



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