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Italian restaurateur in Tel Aviv: ‘I remain open, I feel more anger than fear “


Ernesto Marcheria, for 25 years in Tel Aviv where he manages the Italian cuisine restaurant ‘Ernesto 90’, has decided to remain ” always open ”. Because even with the sirens sounding and the threat of rockets from the Gaza Strip, Adnkronos says he has “more anger than fear”. Of course, he explains, “it is very difficult for us to continue living with this threat.” And also “we are losing tens of thousands of shekels because people do not go out, they are afraid. I also have employees who are unable to return because the airport is closed, we have staff problems. ” But if ” other restaurateurs have decided to close, I remain open. Because I want to give a signal, that we must not be afraid. ” The Italian restaurateur says that at home he has a bunker room, “we are always in there ”, but otherwise ” I continued to go out because I feel protected. We have a good missile defense system. ” That said, he says that “ it is impossible to continue receiving rockets from morning to night. The situation must be resolved ”. And in this sense “I hope they find a lasting solution” and that this situation “ends soon for the good of everyone.” Marcheria also states that “many do not understand that we live very well with the Arabs, we do not no kind of problem with them. The problem is a fringe of terrorists who keep their population in check and decide for the future of their people ”, which leaves ” in total poverty ” while ” has hundreds and thousands of rockets who knows how ”.



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