Ministers Gröhling, Kolíková and Korčok are resigning today –

In her speech last week, President Zuzana Čaputová clearly told Prime Minister Eduard Heger that she wants to hear the names of the new ministers as soon as possible. He sees no reason to prolong the current agony in connection with the government crisis. “I consider the idea that the minister, who is now being criticized by the OĽANO representatives, should remain in the government because of their request, quite absurd. The government needs to function, to cooperate, so that it finally solves not its own problems, but the country’s problems,” said Čaputová to the calls of the head of OĽANO, Igor Matovič and others, that Sulík should not “run away” from the post of Minister of Economy. On the contrary, for SaS, the only option to stay in the government was for Matovič to resign. But he refused it, so all SaS ministers will take this step today. Gröhling would even like to remain in office, but he cannot work with the Minister of Finance: “We cannot constantly ask for funds that are necessary for education, not receive them, and then hear that we do not ask for them at all.” Yesterday, according to him, the Minister of Education had Heger confirmed that Matovič is not going anywhere: “Today, when we open the school year, I will go to the presidential office and then submit my resignation.” A similar step is more than obvious with Korčok and Kolíková. On July 6, SaS terminated the coalition agreement, stating that if Matovič does not resign by August 31, they will leave the government. The head of OĽANO did not do so and on the last day of the ultimatum he came up with conditions that ordered SaS deputies how to vote. Therefore, Sulík submitted his resignation, saying that his other ministers will give the head of OĽANO a chance until Monday. But Matovič did not resign from the post of Minister of Finance, and SaS will end the government’s agony today. Read more WHO WILL REPLACE Sulík at the head of the resort? Kollar OPEN: This MP OĽaNO has no chance! OĽANO together with Sme vordenia and For the people should have 70 deputies in the parliament, which is not enough to push through laws. If they wanted trouble-free governance, they would need a supermajority in parliament, i.e. 76. When approving laws, they will therefore have to ask for the help of SaS, or someone from the current opposition, i.e. Robert Fico’s Direction, Peter Pellegrini’s Voice, or the extremist ĽSNS and the Republic. On the day of the departure of their ministers from the government of Eduard Heger, the SaS party sent a clear message to its coalition partner via a social network. But she also added sincere words to the students to the ironic image: “Good luck to all schoolgirls, students and teaching staff all over Slovakia. You are creating the future of Slovakia.” Source: You can find Heger’s first reaction in the gallery. Watch the briefing by Sulík and SaS on the topic of the resignation of SaS ministers: “Today all SaS ministers are ministers in resignation,” said Sulík, adding that they are leaving the government in which they did quality work. The head of SaS also listed the reasons why his party’s nominees made this decision: “Matovič and Heger had two months to organize themselves and show that they care about the country. Unfortunately, they used them to pour more kilograms of dirt on SaS, lies and slander.” Sulík emphasized that there were no personal reasons behind his departure. According to him, there are much more serious reasons behind this: “The basic one is the disruption of our country.” The head of OĽANO listed his alleged achievements as a minister. These include the capping of electricity prices for households, an exception for the EU in the area of ​​gas, a second-level permit for Mochovce, business clubs, the construction of several industrial parks, mainly in the east of the republic. “It is also the Sliač spa, which has begun to be reconstructed. And they are also state-owned companies that are no longer at a loss. I will mention SPP, which turned into a profit,” Sulík added. Read more WHO WILL REPLACE Sulík at the head of the resort? Kollar OPEN: This MP OĽaNO has no chance! Sulík complained that for two months he had the rest of the coalition to introduce him to a new minister of the economy, but he still does not know who he could be: “I consider it a sign of Matovič and Heger’s indifference. Matovič is unable to plan practically anything. Not even your own thoughts a day ahead, let alone two months. He is able to implement what he had planned the day before with a bulldozer.” According to Sulík, OĽANO representatives have been gambling with Slovakia since the first wave of Covid. They were said to be ashamed of them because of ideas “like Sputnik, any kind of atomic bomb, handouts as if from their own and international embarrassment”. , but he had no idea that he was capable of insulting anyone. According to Sulík, Heger lets himself be bullied by the Matovičs in such a way that they can no longer look at it. It is said that Heger not only failed to put things in order with Matovič, but also came up with 10 conditions for Matovič: “Most of those conditions were purely provocative. This is how I would write them if I didn’t even want the other party to accept it. Now we see his cry to stay. But we will no longer be a part of his fiddling with the budget, cooperation with fascists and his rape of the legislative process. We will be a constructive and tough opposition.” Gröhling said that there is only one reason for his departure from the government: “Igor Matovič.” According to the outgoing Minister of Education, many things had been worked out that would help education. “Matovič attacks the president, journalists, the minister of health, transport, SaS, everyone. Matovič paves the way for Fico to return to the post of prime minister. Since his first ideas, their preferences for Hlas and Smer have been growing.” Kolíková revealed that she has little will to rule and complete the reforms she started: “Unfortunately, you can’t rule with Matovič. I refuse to be in the government with a person who does not know how to respect a coalition partner, does not know what respect is, tramples on the principles of the rule of law. He is spending billions on his dreams, but there is no money for reforms.” Read more Minister Korčok REACTS to OĽaNO’s offer: Matovič definitely DIDN’T count on this! At the beginning of his performance, Korčok revealed that he too had submitted his resignation. Regarding the reasons given by his speakers, he said that he wanted to express himself in three points, because he was urged to remain in office: “I share the opinion that Matovič’s way of politics leads to conflicts, and for me they have already exceeded the acceptable level. The second reason is that if someone is a diplomat, which is my example, it does not mean that he will behave like an official in the minister’s chair. I cannot find a valid reason to remain in office when the party that nominated me is leaving. The third reason is that to this day I do not know how the three-way coalition will function in a minority government.” You might be interested: Authors: TASR, npk