Fuel discounts: crush and out of stock at Total, anger among competitors – BFM Business

The rebate of 20 cents granted by Total, in addition to the 30 cents from the State, caused a tidal wave on the stations, some of which had to close for lack of stock. The penalized competitors qualify the measure as unfair. Throughout August, some French motorists have limited the passage to the pump to benefit from greater discounts at the pump from September 1st. And obviously, many of them have filled up at Total. The tanker adds the discount of 20 euro cents per liter, a reduction which is added to that of 30 cents from the government. This big discount will be applied until October 31st. It will increase to 10 euro cents/litre from November 1 to December 31. This program concerns nearly 3,500 service stations. After having exceeded 2 euros, the liter of fuel has fallen to 1.34 euros per liter of SP95 and around 1.50 euros for diesel. According to Total, the savings can reach “about 25 euros on a full 50 liters”. On the downside, these bonuses caused a tidal wave in Total stations, some of which were depleted in a few hours. on this weekend at the beginning of the month. Almost everywhere, the discount caused endless queues and rat races which even required the intervention of the police in certain stations, as Le Figaro reports. But above all, the uncivil behavior of some who filled cans in addition to their tanks. An attitude reminiscent of the one that caused shortages of toilet paper, mustard or more recently heating pellets. “They have gone crazy. It is useless to stock up since this promotion lasts two months. These people promote the shortage” , reacts to BFM Business Francis Pousse, president of the service station and new energies branch at Mobilians. “Around my home, in Le Mans, there is no longer a single Total station open, for lack of fuel”. The situation can be seen almost everywhere in France. On social networks, there are many testimonies of those who, after refueling, filled several 20-litre cans. Some stations have decided to ration at 50 euros per person. But, according to witnesses, heavy consumers did not hesitate to switch from one pump to another to use themselves again. If individuals are affected by this shortage, professionals, and among them those providing emergency and health insurance and who use a Total card, find themselves in a worrying situation. An unfair rebate The gift given to consumers also has the effect of penalizing Total’s competitors who, throughout France, are severely affected by the oil rebate. In the stations of other oil companies or in those of large retailers, customers have become rare to benefit from the Total discount in addition to that of the State, i.e. a total of 50 centimes per month per liter of fuel. Corsica, several Esso stations have decided to suspend their fuel distribution, for lack of customers. Their managers denounce the unfair competition of the Total group which, since last Thursday, applies a discount of 20 cents on the price of fuel. The Esso station in Calvi closed the pumps after Esso France refused to match Total’s prices with an identical discount. “There will be damage. In these stations, it is estimated between 30 and 40% the loss of volume. The most penalized are in rural and peri-urban areas, i.e. the most fragile”, declares to BFM Business Francis Pousse. – vis-à-vis competitors.” This gift to consumers is in fact a negotiation with the government to avoid taxation on super profits. The others, like Esso or BP, cannot align themselves since these stations are supplied by wholesalers. They are no longer operated by these major oil companies, which should provide all of Europe with a gift that they would make in France”, explains Francis Pousse. For Total, this discount is on the contrary a response “to the expectations of the French people affected by the increase energy prices e and the impact on their purchasing power” as the company explains in a press release. The tanker is seeking to limit stock shortages which were even envisaged. “We have scheduled additional deliveries on Saturday and today (the depots being closed on Sundays)”, TotalEnergie explained to us, specifying that “deliveries are currently in progress all day.”