I look like an idiot, Kyrgios regretted. Against Medvedev, he again showed his colors – PRAVDA.sk

He gave an excellent performance, but he did not avoid controversial moments either. Nick Kyrgios will play the quarterfinals with Karen Chačanov at the tennis US Open. Photo: SITA/AP, Adam Hunger Nick Kyrgios in a debate with Daniil Medvedev. He defeated his compatriot Daniil Medvedev tonight in Flushing Meadows. Kyrgios sent the defender of last year’s triumph off the court after winning 7:6, 3:6, 6:3, 6:2. However, the Australian again did not owe anything to his reputation. First, at the end of the first set, he took out his anger on the racket and then on the umpire. Eva Asderaki-Moore heard a rebuke after she allegedly timed Kyrgios’ serve too early. “You are the only referee I have a problem with in this. I get up from the bench and I’m already there for six seconds. I don’t have to deal with this with anyone, only with you,” the hot-blooded Kyrgios was angry. In the end, he won the first set, and although the seeded unit was able to equalize in the second, from then on there was only one man on the court. Kyrgios lost only five games in the other two sets. One of them – in the third act – very curiously. In the end, he forced Medvedev to play a backhand volley into the car. Moreover, the ball rolled to the Russian’s side of the court. Read More The Crazy Australian was in office again. The Russian defender Kyrgios took it away, however, he went around the net, did not let it fall and hammered into the opponent’s half. The joy of the “winning” blow lasted only a short time. Medvedev immediately signaled that his opponent had broken the rules, and he was right. Kyrgios eventually lost the aforementioned game. “I thought it was possible. I can’t believe what a stupid thing I did. This will be all over the sports news and I will look like an idiot,” Kyrgios regretted after the match. What is Nick Kyrgios doing there?! This might be the strangest way to lose a point at the US Open that you’ll see #USOpen | @NickKyrgios pic.twitter.com/Ig4PFcouz6 — Eurosport (@eurosport) September 5, 2022 After the US Open, Medvedev will lose the post of world number one, which Rafael Nadal will most likely become. The last time the Spaniard was there was in February 2020. “I didn’t win the final in Australia, I didn’t have a chance to play at Wimbledon. At Roland Garros, just like here, I was eliminated in the fourth round. I have to improve and collect more points if I want to be at the top of the ranking ,” Medvedev assessed the duel.