Sánchez takes advantage of his act with citizens in Moncloa to announce a subsidy for domestic workers – ABC.es

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that this Tuesday the Council of Ministers will approve a subsidy for domestic workers. He has done so surrounded by almost fifty citizens who have come to La Moncloa to express their concerns and requests. Five people have risen to the same lectern from where the President of the Government later announced the measure, whose purpose is to end “an absolutely unacceptable injustice.” Sánchez has expressed that with the measure, which the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, already advanced last week, the rights and labor dignity of domestic workers will be recognized and the Government “will assume as its own and make a reality” the Organization’s request International Labor Organization (ILO) after unanimously ratifying Convention 189 of this body in June, which requires recognizing unemployment for this group. It has been the main announcement of an act with which the head of the Executive wanted to give another starting signal at the start of a political course that has the municipal and regional elections of May 2023 on the horizon. The five selected citizens, from among the hundreds of thousands who, according to the Government, have sent requests or proposals to La Moncloa by email or ordinary mail since 2018, have been a domestic worker from Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), a high school student from Madrid, a retired teacher from Córdoba, a Physical Education teacher from Valencia and a Law student from Barcelona. The first of them, named Almudena, is that she has received a response to her request in the form of a specific announcement that the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday. “I wrote that letter to the presidency, because after so many years we believe that our conditions must improve,” said this citizen of Castilla-La Mancha. A prepared speech without questions The president, who arrived accompanied by these five citizens while the remaining dozens waited, in chairs placed in front of the main steps of the presidential complex, delivered a speech lasting nearly an hour, the content of which They projected the usual teleprompter screens (the tool used by television news presenters) responding to the concerns previously raised by the guests. All of them of a generic nature, such as pensions, climate change, gender equality or childhood obesity, but none on a specific aspect of government management. In the act there have been no complaints or criticisms of the president, and neither very direct nor remotely committed questions. The attendees have raised their concerns, urging the Chief Executive to act and address them. Moncloa has also taken the opportunity to inaugurate a new motto, “We govern with you”, which was projected on two screens and is reminiscent of the one recently released by the PSOE, “The Government of the People”. Sánchez has once again lavished his criticisms and allusions to the “powers” and their “interests”, which would be against the action of a coalition government, that of the PSOE with United We Can, close to the true concerns of citizens. Thus, he has emphasized the importance of “fighting against this idea