In his status, Matovič once again took aim at people from SaS: The chairman certainly did not expect such a charge! – New time

Minister of Finance and leader of OĽANO Igor Matovič is not idle and continues to share his current thoughts with followers in the form of statuses. In the last one, he once again took a dig at his colleagues in the government. The Minister of Finance and head of the OĽANO movement, Igor Matovič, has already informed that SaS will overthrow the third democratic anti-corruption government of which it was a part on Monday (September 5). This time he also shared a few important points that others should also remember in this crucial moment. The first thing he mentioned was the attitude of the SaS party right during the negotiations, which were not supposed to lead to any conclusions. “After 14 negotiations with SaS on helping people, we ended the negotiations. They did not lead to anything. First I, then the three coalition parties, tried to convince people that people need to be helped fundamentally,” he wrote, adding that the SaS party did not agree and communicated through the chairman’s mouth that nothing needed to be done. Nor in the case of the so-called of a family package worth €200 per child, she decided not to support this proposal precisely because of the chairman’s opinion, but despite the extreme counter-campaign, the package was finally approved and even part of the opposition voted for it. He stated that two weeks had already passed since SaS admitted that it wanted him to resign precisely for this family package. “We wrote a call not to do it with the arguments mentioned above and a warning that I will definitely not give in to blackmail, so they should not give such a condition, because they will bring down the third government,” he wrote, adding that it happened despite this. “They reasoned that a) by approving the Family Package, we violated the coalition agreement and b) I subverted public finances,” he said, adding that he refuted these arguments a long time ago. The Minister of Finance and the leader of OĽANO also reminded that this was immediately followed by 9 weeks of media massaging the public – propaganda. “Progressive journalists and journalists from the oligarch’s media did an extraordinary job. Any insult, lie and meanness was allowed, and the party that was just plotting to topple the third anti-corruption government was in total immunity. The condition of the S-300 for Ukraine by providing an army helicopter for the Geissens was passed over with condescending silence. Sloppy freezing of electricity prices for households with a result of +101% detto. I’m not even talking about disclosing the Bosch investment, despite the express wishes of the Germans. All reasons for immediate resignation. In a civilized country,” Matovič was indignant. He compared the negotiations that took place in SaS in the meantime and the efforts of chairman Eduard Heger, which, according to him, led to absolutely nothing, to the situation before the fall of Radič’s government. “To me, the atmosphere of the negotiations was very reminiscent of the negotiations before the fall of Radič’s government. Through the copier. Likewise, without a hint of willingness to negotiate, but with the maximum of pride and huge ego of the only person at the table,” he said. Igor Matovič revealed that after the failure of the third negotiation, it was evident that the people who would not allow the permission of the third government were no longer in the SaS party. “As a response to the ultimatum, we gave a 10-point answer, with the fact that when SaS is willing to fulfill the points to help people and protect the health of public finances, I will gladly take advantage of the SaS chairman’s offer to leave together. We said to ourselves that if they really don’t want to topple the government, as they claimed, they will comply with 10 points of aid, albeit reluctantly,” he wrote, adding that SaS, as is known, did not pass this test of correctness. According to him, with this attitude of the SaS party, many have confirmed what its real goal is. “This definitely confirmed to us that the real goal of SaS from the beginning was to set up their conditions in such a way that in the end they “had to” leave the government with the illusion of victims, and thus they could get rid of responsibility for the totally botched issue of solving extreme energy prices at the Ministry of Economy,” he said saying that now everyone is afraid that this overthrow of the government will again lead to the return of the mafia to power. “The mafia is very happy and the only one who is not worried is the chairman of the SaS, and that raises very big questions in me,” he added at the end.