From the classic Walkman to the famous iPod: this is how the music player evolved

Did you grow up in the 90s and listen to the Spice Girls on your Walkman? Or did you grow up in the 2000s to the rhythm of Bisbal or Bustamante while playing their songs on your iPod? If the answers are yes, you will have noticed the evolution of electronic devices in recent years. Previously, we carried the Walkam or the Discman with us, but thanks to technological advances we can listen to any song from our mobiles. At 20Bits we want to review the mythical players that have earned a place in our hearts. WalkmanSony was the creator of a device that was capable of playing portable music for the first time. The Walkman weighed little, fit in pockets, ran on two AA batteries, tuned in to AM and FM radio stations, the playback quality was acceptable, and it marked a before and after in the memory of users. market on July 1, 1979, moreover, Masaru Ibuka (co-founder of Sony) devised the first metal Walkman ‘TPS-L2’ with gray and blue colors to reproduce audio in stereo. Over time, Sony added the ‘bass boost’ and ‘autoreverse’ to listen to a cassette on both sides, had aesthetic changes and was renamed Discman. Sony© Walkman[WikimediaImages] via DiscmanDiscman was the brand name for Sony’s first portable CD player and came onto the market in 1984. Based on the design of the ‘CDP-101’ CD player, Sony worked on a new device to improve design and reduce power consumption along with to the number of components. The Discman worked with a remote control, had a repeat function, aroused the public’s interest in CDs as an audio format, guaranteed better quality, allowed music to be listened to through headphones and won a place in the hearts of users until the first iPods and MP3 players appeared. DiscmanMorn MP3 and MP4 PlayerThe MP3 player is the most recent and best known music equipment for today’s youth. This portable electronic device stores, organizes and plays digital audio files thanks to software that compresses electrical signals to be heard. March 11, 1998 marked a revolution in music playback because the ‘MPMan F10’ was launched, the first MP3 player in the world developed by the South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems. This innovation brought as a novelty a small screen on the front that showed what the user was playing at that moment. After an evolution in the audio format, MP4 arrived, a device that houses an audio track and a video track that can be encoded in different codecs, it is also based on the specifications of the MOV format developed by Apple. MP3© player[Hans] via iPodAn iPod is a portable music player designed by Apple with a large storage capacity, had a battery of eight and ten hours of playback, used a user interface driven by a central wheel and could store multimedia files on an internal hard drive. There were two generations of the popular iPod Mini and four generations of the full-size iPod, considering that it was first introduced on October 23, 2001 by Steve Jobs. Two decades later, Apple announced the end of iPad manufacturing after launching for the last time in 2019 the latest model iPod touch without calls or texts. iPod ClassicApple Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest technology news in your email.