Latest world news brief today, September 5

74 cities in China issued full or partial lockdown notices for covid-19 since August A medical worker performs a covid test on a child on August 7 in Sanya. At least 74 cities in China have imposed full or partial stay-at-home orders with various restrictions since late August, according to a CNN tally on Monday, as the country pushes ahead with its strict zero-Covid policy. More than 313 million people live in the affected cities, but CNN cannot verify the exact number of residents affected by the lockdown measures. The tally was based on advisories issued by local government authorities, asking residents to stay indoors or restrict their daily movements, as China prepares for two major holidays: the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day. Full or partial lockdowns in China are now issued under “static management” orders, which refer to policies intended to lock down designated risk areas within cities where local cases have been detected. Authorities in Chengdu, which is the largest city under population lockdown, announced on Sunday that the current restrictions would remain in place for most of its 21 million residents until Wednesday. A general lockdown has been imposed on the entire city of Chengdu since Thursday. China is one of the only countries left in the world to adhere to a strict Covid-zero policy, which relies on constant mass testing, sprawling government quarantine facilities and rapid lockdowns.