Mihál warns Slovaks: If THIS PROPOSAL of the government passes, you can very easily lose your driver’s license! – Pluska.sk

An amendment to the law is currently on the table, which would give the Social Insurance Company new powers. Former Minister of Labor and tax and levy expert Jozef Mihál is back in office and warns Slovaks what awaits them if the proposal passes in parliament. Today 6:00 AM Article gallery (23 photos) MPs from the We Are Family movement Petra Hajšelová and Peter Pčolinský, in apparent agreement with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, submitted a draft amendment to the Social Insurance Act to the National Council of the Slovak Republic. Mihál drew attention to it on the social network. Survey Do you have a driver’s license? Thank you. Your vote has been counted. The proposal of the deputies is intended to be aimed precisely at non-payers and borrowers on social insurance, whose income is not directly dependent on having a driver’s license. “The move by the deputies is intended to help reduce the number of non-payers, as many of them need a driver’s license especially outside of the performance of their duties,” writes the website autoviny.sk. a borrower whose income is not directly dependent on holding a driver’s license,” the ex-minister explains to people. A stormy debate broke out under the post. You can read people’s reactions in our GALLERY >>>Parliament should deal with the mentioned proposal at the September meeting. If the National Council approves this proposal, it will come into effect on February 1, 2023. Read more Drivers, ATTENTION: Police are announcing a BIG CHANGE, the validity of THESE two endorsements is CHANGING! Read more A second of inattention can cost you €1,659: One CLICK is all it takes and you’re in for a treat! You might be interested in: Author: ns Discussion () Share the article