Death of a teenager: He lit a cigarette and immediately jumped under the train that was entering the station –

BRATISLAVA / A young teenager decided to end his life by jumping under a train that was just entering the station. He had no chance of surviving the collision. An 18-year-old young man was supposed to arrive at the railway station in Lamač, Bratislava, one hour ago in the afternoon. According to a woman who works in a local business, the boy should have stopped by their place before the fateful moment. “He only asked for cigarettes, but since we don’t sell cigarettes, I told him that we don’t have any and the guys offered him,” the woman described. The young man came out and waited on the platform by the track. In a few minutes, a passenger train heading to Kútov entered the station. The young man was supposed to run towards him shortly afterwards for incomprehensible reasons. “During the entry of the OS 2018 passenger train into the Bratislava – Lamač railway station, a person was knocked down who ran across the platform and jumped directly under the wheels of the oncoming train,” explained Tomáš Kováč, spokesman for ZSSK. The driver could not prevent the tragedy Despite the fact that the driver reduced his speed when entering the station and then quickly pulled the brake, he was unable to prevent the tragedy. The young man was trapped under the train. But he suffered very serious injuries, from which he died on the spot. “I didn’t hear anything at all, and I’m surprised when we’re around the corner. Actually, I only heard an ambulance after that. We were talking with a lady about such a young boy,” described a woman from the company. The passengers got off the train and switched to other lines. The set remained in place until the arrival of the police and the examining doctor. Only then did they move it a few meters further. During the documentation, according to the statement of the railways, traffic was not restricted. There are more tracks at the station. “The OS 2018 passenger train, which was heading from Bratislava to Kútov, was delayed by approximately 120 minutes, and other trains were not affected by this event,” Kováč added.