The bus strike enters a new phase with stoppages every day – El Periódico de Aragón

Came the day. Dozens of meetings have been useless. The notices of one and the other. Calls to the order of the town hall. The tiredness of the neighbors. The strike of the Zaragoza urban bus workers enters a new phase this Monday that will mean that the stoppages will extend to every day of the week. As before, they will be in three one-hour slots throughout the day, but they will no longer be limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: they will be from Monday to Sunday. Without rest and without exception. And now that schoolchildren return to classrooms and the city is reactivated after the holidays. It was on February 20, 2021, more than 560 days ago, when the strikes began after the negotiations to renew the collective agreement, expired since 2019, stalled. Then the call for strikes was limited to weekends and little by little, since then, it has been extended. These are the schedules for the bus strike in Zaragoza today, Monday, September 5. Thus, and for a few months, the strikes took place from Monday to Friday but only on alternate weeks. In the meantime, the strike stalled and since this summer the strikes have taken place every week but only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In total, since the conflict began, more than 460 hours have already been recorded with the service affected by the stoppages. This situation is the one that Avanza wanted to avoid, that with the latest offers made to the committee (which include an 8% increase in salary in the fixed part plus other bonuses and variables) they hoped to have ended the conflict. But the unions continue to defend that the company’s proposal would mean that workers lose purchasing power. They also ask for improvements of a social and organizational nature and this Monday they will precisely send the company’s management a proposal to close the articles of the new agreement. If it is accepted, the economic part will be agreed, something that seems impossible at this point since Avanza assures that it cannot offer more money and the committee insists that it is not enough yet. Once they receive the offer, Avanza and the committee will meet again tomorrow at the Aragonese Mediation and Arbitration Service (SAMA). Last Thursday, precisely with the intention of avoiding the resurgence of the strikes, the SAMA mediators made their own offer to the parties, although this initiative was not successful. The unions insist that there are still organizational issues to be negotiated and that later they will have to talk about money, an issue that every time it is put on the table ends with the negotiations exploding in the air. It will be necessary to see how the conversations develop this week while the anger in the street is increasing.