Nick Kyrgios loses trade to Daniil Medvedev at US Open

This exchange, Nick Kyrgios thought he had already won. Except that he ended up losing it out of a taste for showmanship and ignorance of the rules. When he had just passed a pass that Daniil Medvedev touched but could not recover, the Australian continued his run, rounded the net and spiked the ball with a big smile without letting it bounce. A prohibited action and the referee therefore logically awarded the point to his opponent. Kyrgios should have had a break point (we were playing the third set which he ended up winning), he found himself losing the game a few moments later. “I thought it was allowed,” he slipped to Patrick McEnroe at the edge of the court. The Arthur-Ashe may have left in a small bronca when he understood that the point was not awarded to the Australian, nothing has changed.