The Eurobasket, on fire: Turkey threatens to withdraw from the tournament –

Group A, in which Spain is found, has not only been heated by the results recorded, which have caused a quadruple tie between the selection, Belgium, Montenegro and Turkey in which the possibilities are multiple with two days to go. Outside the court it is also on fire. The Turkish Federation threatens to leave the Eurobasket after the serious incidents in their match against Georgia. Korkmaz and Sanadze were sent off in the 34th minute after colliding on the court. The two made gestures that they would see each other in the changing rooms and it seems that they did. The Turks say that Korkmaz was attacked by three Georgian players and several members of security. The truth is that several members of the host team hurriedly left the bench and headed for the locker room tunnel. If FIBA ​​does not sanction the alleged aggressors, Turkey says that it will not continue in the tournament. If the images of the security cameras do not reach us, we will leave this tournamentOmer Onan, vice president of the Turkish FederationThe vice president of the Turkish federation and former player , Omer Onan, described the incident, as reported by ‘Eurohoops’: “While Furkan Korkmaz was walking down the hall towards the changing rooms with our coach, the Georgia players who were not on the record attacked him along with the sent-off player [Sanadze] and the police. At the end of the game, 30 policemen pushed us. We got into a fight with the Georgian police.” The federative official claimed that he was trying to get in touch with FIBA ​​to see the pavilion’s security cameras. “If we don’t get those images, we will leave this tournament,” he warns. Against the spirit of the sportHakan Demir, the assistant coach, attended the subsequent press conference, as Ergin Ataman had been sent off and did not go. “The Georgian players and some security guards disrespected us. We came here to play basketball, nothing else. What happened went beyond basketball and was against the spirit of sport,” he told the media. In addition, the Ottomans have denounced that, during the brawl between players of the two teams, the clock continued to count despite the fact that the game was stopped It stopped for several minutes when the floor had to be dried due to the throwing of glasses full of liquid by the Georgian fans.From the Turkish expedition they assure that 22 seconds less than they should have been disputed. only one or two seconds, but 22 makes us think that the situation is not just a mistake,” said the assistant technician, who ended by congratulating Georgia on her victory: “Of course, they won and I congratulate them, but that’s not the point. . What really matters is what has happened in the corridors.”