The best outfits of our beauties that were TOP this week? Someone bet on a denim classic, Dominika on a luxury handbag! –

At the end of August, most of us were enjoying the last days of summer in our wardrobes. Several well-known Slovak women also showed exposed legs or deep necklines. These were the best! NatyKerny Influencer Naty is always proof that even minimalist pieces can look great together. At the end of August, NatyKerny relied on a combination of pieces that every Diva can find in her wardrobe. Flared denim pants are an ideal choice for sneakers. The well-known brunette added a white top and a Coach handbag to these pieces. Photogallery of Naty Kerna Source: Karolína Chomisteková The former Misska is still one of the best-dressed Slovak women. Karolína can impress in elegant dresses, but as a lady she also works in provocative combinations. During her stay in Warsaw, Karolína Chomisteková was certainly the center of attention of many a man’s eye. The combination of a bold leather skirt and a white shirt with a slightly transparent material was a great safe bet! Photo gallery Karolína Chomisteková Source: Michaela Kocianová Top model Michaela Kocianová belongs to the group of women who look good even in a bag. This statement also applied to this outfit. At first glance, the well-known blonde complemented the simple black skirt and black top with white sneakers and a handbag. Sunglasses and the charisma of our successful model added femininity to the whole outfit. Photo gallery of Michaela Kocianová Source: Tatiana Žideková Well-known fitness expert Tatiana Žideková was a great inspiration for our wardrobes throughout the summer. It is certain that it will not be different even with the arrival of colder weather. The combination of denim and a simple white T-shirt will never be out of style and works on Žideková as well. Tánička completed her look with Hermés pumps and a Gucci handbag. A pleasant visage and smile are always a matter of course. What do you think, could it be? Photo gallery Tatiana Žideková Source: Maria Dušička Maria Dušička wears well-known high fashion brands with popularity and regularity, but in her case it doesn’t look strong at all. Basic pieces of clothing can be boring, but if you know how to wear them together, you will be the star of the street. At the end of the summer, Maria appeared in a pleasant white combe, which she complemented with stylish moccasins and a black handbag. Who knows what Majk Spirit would say about this outfit. Maria Dušička’s photo gallery Source: Monika Prikkelová The well-known dancer Monika Prikkelová also got a taste for monochromatic outfits this summer. Like other ladies, she also fell in love with the color green, which is one of the biggest trends of the last two years. In this case, a bra and a pleasant girlish visage added femininity to the whole outfit. When choosing shoes, other ladies might have reached for pumps, but Monika did not deny her street soul and wore comfortable heels. Photo gallery Monika Prikkelová Source: Martina Schindlerová Singer Martina Schindlerová is already a mother of two, but her figure can be envied even by colleagues a decade younger. A native of Bratislava doesn’t even need any exaggerated accessories to impress, just a smile. In this case, Martina opted for the classics of denim shorts and a white top. An ideal combination for summer, with which you will never go wrong, but Martina looked even better thanks to her charisma. Photo gallery of Martina Schindlerová Source: Dominika CibulkováOur most successful tennis player appeared some time ago in a well-known dance show, where she dazzled from round to round with her dance and sense of fashion. Cibulková never hid her love for fashion and she enjoys it even more since she became a mother. At the end of the summer, she pleasantly surprised with a perfect, elegant yellow outfit that even Hollywood stars wouldn’t be ashamed of. Even now, Dominika Cibulková has not forgotten the Hermès handbag, which most women can only dream of. Dominika Cibulková photo gallery Source: